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Wana is a community of people that support and learn from each other through shared health experiences.


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Reaching out to the community provides you with a sense of belonging, feeling understood and support. Whether at the beginning, middle or end of your health journey, Wana users offer help, advice, and hope.


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The WanaLibrary, written by a team of medical experts, offers curated information on symptoms, treatments, diagnoses and diets. It also provides current books, podcasts and videos to further support your health journey.


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Wana provides you with curated matches based on your symptoms and diagnoses. Check out each other’s profiles, find commonalities, and communicate directly with them through messaging. Our users love to learn from one another!


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Our experts have curated information on hundreds of topics for you to browse and learn from. You will also find user conversations as well as relevant books, podcasts and videos on each topic to further support your health journey.

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