The Wana Story

Wana was built by a team of people who live with chronic and invisible conditions and understand what our community members are going through. Our founders met by chance and connected over their shared health stories: mysterious symptoms, frustrating misdiagnoses, and a sense of isolation. As they bonded over their symptoms, shared advice about treatments, and supported each other in finding answers, their health challenges became a lot less overwhelming. They got better, together.


Our Mission

Wana is a community that fosters hope, direction, and healing for people with chronic and invisible health conditions. The community enables users to connect, learn and discover while empowering them to feel better, together.


Meet the Team

Evan Golub

Co-Founder + CEO

After being misdiagnosed for 4 years across 30 practitioners, he finally received his answer: Lyme disease. He has since left the trading desk to dedicate his life to getting smart on chronic conditions and helping others do the same.

Nicole Krinick

Co-Founder + Chief Brand Officer

Early in her health journey, Nicole decided that no one facing chronic illness should ever have to feel alone again. Since then, she's dedicated herself to that mission. She believes at her core that a centralized place for support, guidance, and information can have the greatest impact on the chronic illness community.

Jorge Perez

Chief Technology Officer

He has over 10 years of experience building iOS, Android, web, and TV applications, having spent the last 6 years at healthcare startups. He is passionate about using data to help users find answers to their health questions.

Billy Abajian

Director, Strategy + People

A consultant by trade, he has worked in both small and large healthcare systems. Billy thrives at increasing productivity and brand awareness at any organization. He is passionate about patient outcomes, and integrative medicine.

Hannah Wright

Community Manager

She has built and managed several pipelines across healthcare non-profits. Her first-hand understanding of chronic illness has allowed her to cultivate online and offline communities for those in need of support.

Meet the Experts

Michelle L. Shuffett, MD

VP, Scientific Research

Columbia Care Everyday Health

Amy O’Connor

Editor in Chief

HealthiNation Everyday Health

Robin Foroutan, MS, RDN

National Spokesperson

Academy Of Nutrition and Dietetics

Arielle Hayat

Senior Herbalist

Alchemist Kitchen

Erica Matluck, ND FNP

Integrative PCP

One Medical Group

Justin Laube, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor

UCLA Center for East-West Medicine

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