Becoming Fearless - Fast Facts

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15 October, 2020
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Becoming Fearless - Fast Facts

FAQ on Becoming Fearless w. Ben Harris

Becoming fearless. There's so much to say, but let's start with the basics.


What is fear?

Fear is a gift. It is a message to our higher self whispering (or shouting) for our attention. Fear reveals where we’re not free. If we want to be free, we must love and lean into the fear. Our desired outcome is on the other side of fear.

What is the purpose of fear?

Evolutionary speaking, fear is a survival mechanism. It’s a feeling and chemical inside of the human body to keep us alive. Nowadays, it’s purpose is to show us where our next level of growth is. The thing we need to do most is often what we most fear.

How can one handle fear?

Feel it, which is counterintuitive to what most of us do. We feel fear and resist it. We don’t want to feel it and what happens? It gets more intense.

What we resist only grows stronger.

How can one move past fear?

Feeling, listening and leaning into the fear will provide you with the outcome you desire – which typically is less fear, stress and worry.

What is a method to deal with fear?

In my past, I would find a way to jump head first into my fear as quickly as I could. Nowadays, I will listen to it, acknowledge it and show it compassion. I feel the texture of the emotion to its fullest. After this, I do what my brain tells me not to do. This could look like asking for the sale, posting something vulnerable on Instagram, saying how I really feel and setting boundaries. The growth that fear provides is limitless.

"Fear reveals where we're not free. If we want to be free, we must love and lean into the fear." –Ben Harris

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