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14 April, 2020
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Carly Stein | Founder of BKN

Why did you decide to create BKN?

I struggled with some health issues growing up, and for years I wasted a lot of time and money trying to feel better. I tried absolutely everything—from trendy overpriced superfoods to OTC concoctions that were filled with nasty chemicals. Nothing ever worked as well as I wanted it to.

After years of disappointment, I couldn’t understand why our pharmacies are filled with harmful ingredients like artificial dyes and refined sugars that don’t help us heal. I refused to believe that remedies couldn’t be clean, natural, and effective.

That’s why I launched Beekeeper’s Naturals… because I don’t believe people should have to sacrifice their values to feel better. People deserve clean remedies that actually work.

Why bees?

Not to sound dramatic, but bees changed my life.

Growing up, I struggled with a weak immune system and got sick all the time. When I was studying abroad in Europe, I came down with a severe case of tonsillitis. Because I have an autoimmune condition, I can’t take antibiotics, so it was either go home early to get surgery or find another alternative. I stumbled into an Italian pharmacy and the pharmacist handed me a bottle of propolis. I had no idea what it was at the time, but I had nothing to lose.

Having been let down by new health products too many times, I was completely shocked when the propolis actually worked! I had a speedy recovery and got to enjoy the rest of my trip. That’s when I realized that this bee stuff was magic.

Coming back to North America, I couldn’t find propolis anywhere—but I wasn’t willing to live without it. I began apprenticing with a local beekeeper to start harvesting my own bee products. After the first day out among the hives, I was hooked. It became my mission not only to share the incredible power of bee products with the world, but to do everything I could to help save the bees in the process. (That’s why sustainability and raising awareness for the bee cause are core values of BKN.)

What is the inspiration behind your products?

Every single one of our remedies is powered by the incredible products from the beehive. (Did you know that bees make more than honey?) We turn to the ‘hive pharmacy’—propolis, royal jelly, bee pollen, and raw honey—as the powerful starting point for each of our products.

  • Propolis is my immune support essential. It is packed with soothing antioxidants and is a powerful germ-fighter. The bees plaster it on all the hive walls to keep the hive healthy.

  • Royal jelly nourishes brain and skin health and supports mental clarity. It is the primary food source of the queen bee.

  • Bee pollen is nature’s multivitamin. It’s rich in clean protein, essential amino acids, energizing B vitamins, and minerals like calcium and magnesium.

In fact, it contains more protein per gram than any animal source!
Raw honey is a powerful nourisher and soother that promotes calmness and balance throughout the body.

Starting with those hive products, we selectively add premium plant extracts to create the most potent products possible. We research and test obsessively, making sure our clean formulations are highly bioavailable and powerful. In fact, our remedies live at the intersection of science and nature. We care about making clean solutions that rival conventional OTC remedies. We even go the extra step by practicing third party pesticide testing to ensure our bees are healthy and our remedies are truly clean.

What has been the most exciting part of starting a wellness-based business?

I am so proud to be able to directly make a positive impact on people’s lives. Many people come to us having tried anything and everything, frustrated that they still feel unwell, in search of relief. Hearing their stories about how our products have helped them and changed their lives for the better is so incredible. The ways that Beekeeper’s Naturals is making a difference in the world fills me with so much joy—from helping people feel better than ever to saving the bees.

How has BKN helped you heal?

I can’t imagine living without any of our products, but incorporating Propolis Spray into my routine has radically changed my immune system. I use it daily to support my body and double up on doses while I am traveling, exhausted, or under a lot of stress.

Launching Beekeeper’s Naturals has also reconnected me with my sense of purpose. Before I started BKN, I was working a “successful” job on the trading floor at Goldman Sachs, and I was deeply unhappy with that life. I knew I wanted to leave Wall Street and help people—I knew I wanted to make a difference in the world. BKN has allowed me to do that on so many levels. I am so grateful.

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