How to Analyze Stressors On Your Body Through Bioenergetic Testing

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10 August, 2020
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How to Analyze Stressors On Your Body Through Bioenergetic Testing

Join Wana + Samantha Stupak | CEO of Balanced Health to learn how to determine your bioenergetic health

1. How did you get into Bioenergetic testing?

After falling incredibly ill and being bedridden for four years, I found myself feeling ignored and misunderstood by traditional healthcare. After years of searching, I finally found a practitioner that was able to help me receive the answers I so desperately needed. The type of testing this practitioner utilized is similar to the technology we developed here at Balanced Health. This was such a profound and lifesaving experience for me that I left my career as an engineer and went back to school to learn how to help those struggling with their health just like I once had.

I went from years of being bedridden with an undiagnosed illness to building a business that has been completely transforming lives for almost a decade - this has been one of the most bittersweet experiences of my life.

One thing many of us have felt when battling chronic illness is hopelessness, and we find that Balanced Health is able to provide that glimmer of hope that can potentially change their lives forever.

2. What is Bioenergetic testing? What is the science behind it?

Bioenergetic testing (BET) measures the energetic balance or imbalance of various factors through hair and saliva samples. Bioenergetic testing is where physics meets biology. It is a non-invasive energetic analysis that has the ability to detect stress and what might be causing it, such as bioenergetic nutritional imbalances, food/environmental sensitivities, toxins, and hormonal imbalances. This testing measures the body's energetic reaction to various patterns of substances in a digital Hz measurement. The results can be used as a tool to work with those stress patterns including testing for and matching the patterns of certain remedies such as herbs, homeopathy, and nutrients.

3. What are the benefits of Balanced Health? What differentiates it from other similar offerings?

There are many benefits of working with Balanced Health, but the most common thing we hear is just how easy and thorough the process is. We provide ease in testing from the comfort of your own home, and the results clearly lay out information that can paint a perfect picture of how to improve the imbalances we find.

Another factor that many clients rave about is the affordability of such an extensive test. We shouldn't have to put knowledge about one's health on the back burner because it's too expensive!

4. Top 3 tips for starting your healing journey

  1. Understand what your body can handle. Some people need strengthening, clearing, or detoxing first. This is why testing is so important.
  2. Clean up your environment! How do we heal internally when we are consumed by a toxic environment?
  3. Find HOPE in knowing you are on the path to improvement.

5. What do you think most stands in the way of healing?

Certain toxins can be difficult to clear if we don't know specifically what we are dealing with. But, one's attitude is often the biggest obstacle. If we can clear the negative talk in our head and shift our mindset, the strides we can make in our own health journeys are astounding. When our attitude is in the right place, healing can become so much easier. Negative self-talk can impact our wellbeing and lower our vibration. When we are operating at a higher energy we are able to thrive, heal, and find true wellness.

About Samantha Stupak
Samantha Stupak is the CEO of Balanced Health, an international bioresonance testing facility. She founded this company in the effort to help others that suffer like she once did, after a debilitating struggle with chronic Lyme Disease. Through innovation, dedication, and sheer compassion, she has brought Balanced Health to the forefront of the bioresonance testing industry.

Samantha is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutritionist, and holds a BS in Engineering. She attended the Academy of International Bioenergetic Sciences, and has studied under some of the most cutting edge doctors in Alternative Medicine. For more information about Samantha Stupak and Balanced Health go to www.CreatingBalancedHealth.com.

More About Balanced Health
Balanced Health can determine your bioenergetic health through scanning of hair and saliva. We provide a detailed report on the complete energetic findings of the whole body scan: stress levels, food and environmental sensitivities, general categories of resonating toxins, hormonal and nutritional imbalances, as well as personalized balancing remedies. Knowledge is key, but action is equally important. This is why we provide a custom tested regimen that includes herbs, homeopathic remedies, essential oils, and nutritional supplements, all of which can be purchased on our site. We have an amazing staff of holistic health and bioresonance experts ready to chat over the phone with you to review every aspect of your results!

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