5 Reasons for Bioenergetic Testing w. Balanced Health

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17 September, 2020
· 2 min read
5 Reasons for Bioenergetic Testing w. Balanced Health

1. The testing is non-invasive.

2. Stress detection.

It can detect stress and what might be causing it (like nutritional imbalances, food/environment sensitivities, and/or toxins).

3. Detects patterns.

It is a tool for noticing stress patterns AND matching remedy patterns.

4. It’s super easy!

You can get tested and get the results in your own home.

5. It’s affordable!

Especially when compared to similar options.

"If we can clear the negative talk in our head and shift our mindset, the strides we can make in our own health journeys are astounding. When our attitude is in the right place, healing can become so much easier."- **Samantha Stupak, CEO of Balanced Health **

Check out Balanced Health for Bioenergetic Testing

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