Brain Retraining - Fast Facts

Judy Lam
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Judy Lam
04 October, 2020
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Brain Retraining - Fast Facts

FAQ on Retraining Your Brain with Neurofeedback

How can you retrain your brain?

With Neurofeedback! Neurofeedback is when several electrode sensors are applied to the scalp and the patient passively watches a movie on a TV screen. Behind the scenes, with reward criteria by the clinician, the patients EEG brainwaves “retrain” the brain. By feeding the brain’s own information to itself through the mechanism of operant conditioning, Neurofeedback can help regulate the body‘s autonomic nervous system.

How can someone benefit from Neurofeedback?

Over time, thanks to brain plasticity, the brain can heal itself through Neurofeedback, with the ability to regulate many of the body‘s systems, including respiratory, endocrine, digestive, etc.

Candidates who have the most success include individuals with ADHD, sleep disorders, arthritis, depression, and anxiety. Neurofeedback can also treat seizures. 80-85% can expect to see improvement of symptoms!

What types of feedback are there?

There are two types: visual and audio. For visual feedback, the program will repeatedly dim and brighten the TV screen and for audio feedback, low sounds emitted from the computer play in the background.

The visual and audio cues are both based on the patient's EEG readings.

"In my opinion, what most stands in the way of healing is access to proper treatments and a lack of preventative care. Without a universal healthcare system, and without accessible research for alternative treatments and therapies, most of us are left without the knowledge and means to receive the treatments we would benefit from most."

- Tim Norman, CEO of the ATTN Center in New York City

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