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12 Must Knows About EMFs

Judy Lam
Written by
Judy Lam
24 September, 2020
· 2 min read
12 Must Knows About EMFs

1. EMFs are a result of massive technological growth and usage of wireless devices

2. EMFs increase the risk of cancer, infertility, insomnia, autism, and depression

3. There are four types: radio frequencies, magnetic fields, electric fields, "dirty" electricity

4. Radio frequencies include Wireless Routers, Bluetooth, Cellphones, AM/FM, TV, Satellites

5. Magnetic Fields include chargers for electronics, high voltage power lines, faulty house wiring

6. Electric Fields include household wiring, cords, and chargers

7. Dirty Electricity includes smart televisions, dimmer switches, fluorescent light bulbs.

8. Not only does the human body run on electricity and magnetism, but it turns out that every cell in our bodies are antennas to "sense" the electromagnetic environment around us.

9. Very low-level magnetic fields have been found to activate a pathway called "NADPH oxidase", which is considered a major cause of atherosclerosis, the hardening of the heart's arterie

10. To eliminate EMFs in your environment, increase distance between the source and your body and decrease the time of exposure

11. Reduce exposure by placing a reflective or absorbent material between yourself and the source

12. Heal from EMFs through detoxification. Step one is eliminating and reducing exposure to toxins. Start eating foods rich in pro and prebiotics.

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