How to Use Frequency Healing

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21 September, 2020
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How to Use Frequency Healing

What is Frequency Healing? What is Wave Force? How can it help? Join Wana + Dan Bergeron to learn about how frequency healing can change your life

1. Tell us a bit about yourself: What do you do? How did you get into what you do?

I was previously a successful executive at a Fortune 20 company and decided I wanted to do something more meaningful with my career now that my kids had all become independent. I had met Stephen Davis (the founder of WaveForce) about a year before at a casual breakfast through mutual friends and took an immediate interest in what he was doing with technology to help people. During that year I had stayed in touch with Stephen eventually joining the board of directors as a technology advisor.

As FREmedica™ was concluding some testing they were doing I reached out and asked Stephen what his intent was to commercialize this product and bring it to market for a broader audience which evolved into a discussion that brought me to Waveforce™/FREmedica™ as the President / CEO. My history has been managing very large scale global deployment projects particularly around technology and supply chain so the timing and opportunity couldn’t have been a better fit.

2. What is Wave Force? How does Wave Force work/what’s the science behind it?

Waveforce™ is a technology company founded out of desperation by a father who was running out of hope to help his daughter in her fight against Lyme disease. Stephen was not a Scientist or a doctor, which allowed him the freedom to explore things that were very unconventional due to him not having the constraints of knowing what should and shouldn’t work. During this time Stephen met a gentleman named Stuart Gross who was having some success in reducing Lyme patients’ symptoms by using a form of light therapy.

Over a period of more than 10 years, Stephen and Stuart continued to evolve the technology to where it is today. The patent-pending technology that Waveforce™ has developed allows us to identify very specific radio frequencies, package them together, and broadcast them over lighting.

The body’s natural ability to absorb light makes it a very effective and direct delivery mechanism for those frequencies. When most companies talk about “light therapy” they are simply using a different color light to transmit that color lights associated frequency into the body for some general type of benefit. With Waveforce™’s technology we can lay any frequency or combination of frequencies we want on that light so we use different color lights depending on the level of absorption we are targeting rather than depending on it generically.

The frequencies we are introducing are frequencies that are natural to the body focused on helping cellular communication within your body which foundationally is how the bodies immune system works – cell to cell communication that fires when one cell is in need of something from another to defend itself fighting off infection, virus, bacteria, etc.

Our technology allows us to be very prescriptive in what we are targeting in regards to things negatively affecting the body but our focus is very much on long term health by re-establishing that cell to cell communication where it may have broken down so it can effectively do what it was intended to do and defend itself.

3. What are the benefits of Wave Force? Who is/isn’t the best candidate for Wave Force?

FREmedica™ is a company that was formed specifically to focus on the fight against chronic Lyme disease using the technology Waveforfce invented. The benefits FREmedica™ customers report back to us are typically focused on the reduction of symptoms they realize around the effects Chronic Lyme disease and commonly associated co-infections has had on them physically and neurologically.

FREmedica™ customers also report they are less stressed, have improved gut health, sleep much better, are mentally very clear, and in general, get sick far less. FREmedica™ has also had many customers using our Wave1 device have not been diagnosed with Lyme disease but who are known to suffer from things like mold sensitivity, other unexplained autoimmune issues such as Parkinson’s, Epstein Bar and others have seen a significant quality of life improvement as the toxins are purged from their body and their immune system starts communicating more effectively.

4. Top 3 tips for using Wave Force or similar technologies

  1. Consistency – this is a very natural process, which will re-establish your “normal” in many cases without you realizing it until someone calls to your attention that you are no longer displaying the symptoms you once were so stuck with. Believe in the long term benefit – even consider journaling how you feel day to day/week to week allowing someone close to you to contribute to your journal around what they’ve noticed

  2. People dealing with chronic autoimmune issues rarely find a silver bullet, so regardless of what you are pursuing or believe in medically, a healthy diet and exercise is always a great foundation and something you have complete control over

  3. If something isn’t right, don’t let people convince you it is in your head or you’re making it up. If you or one of your children isn’t well or is telling you they aren’t well be tenacious in finding definitive answers and never give up.

5. What do you think most stands in the way of healing?

  1. Greed – too many companies and big business today is built around treating symptoms and not focused on long term health

  2. Naiveté – Those of us who have grown up particularly in western society have been very conditioned to western medicines growing need to treat everything with drugs and are focused on the symptoms rather than focusing on the root cause of what is allowing a pathogen to attack those it is affecting

  3. Don’t be afraid of stepping outside your box and trying something unconventional, particularly when it doesn’t introduce anything foreign into your body and has the science to back it up / defend it.

About Dan Bergeron

Dan Bergeron is an executive thought leader focused on strategy, innovation and results! In his recent professional career, he’s had the opportunity to work very closely with some of the largest technology companies in the world; this is the first technology he’s been exposed to that he truly believes will have such a positive impact on the world we live in.

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