5 Reasons Why Group Care is Effective

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17 September, 2020
· 2 min read
5 Reasons Why Group Care is Effective

Have you been considering group care on your path to well-being? Check out our top reasons why group care is beneficial and effective for your health.

1. Health at scale.

It has the potential to create health at a a greater scale than one-on-one.

2. Groups are more effective.

It’s more efficient and effective than one-on-one when it comes to behavior change.

3. Groups are "in".

Groups are being used to transform everything.

4. Groups provide collective insights.

Through collaborating with others, you can leverage the collective knowledge to better fight againist your conditions.

5. Groups are easier.

It is affordable, accessible, and consistently effective. Nuff said.

"With much of primary care and family medicine shut down in the wake of COVID-19, the growth of group care is in a holding pattern. In the meantime, we created the Immune Collaborative at FindFunctional.com as a fully online functional medicine group visit for people who want to make themselves 'harder to kill'."- James Maskell

About James Maskell

James Maskell is a serial healthcare founder, innovating at the intersection of functional medicine and community. Projects include the Functional Forum: the world’s largest functional medicine conference, Evolution of Medicine: content and communities dedicated to transforming chronic disease care and Knew Health : an affordable alternative to health insurance for health conscious Amercians.He lectures and hosts internationally, and has been featured on TEDMED, Huffpost Live, Further Future, and TEDx. He serves as faculty for physician education on topics of practice management, group medical visits and health technology. He advises and accelerates startups focused on health creation.

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