Meet the Founders of Hilma

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08 April, 2020
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Nina, Lily, and Hilary | Founders of Hilma

Why did you decide to create Hilma

We realized we were using natural ingredients and clean labels in all areas of our lives, except for in our medicine cabinets. Each of us had our own personal, positive experiences with alternative approaches, and so we knew there were compelling natural remedies out there, but they were completely absent from the pharmacy shelves. We realized there was something missing between traditional over-the-counter options and traditional herbal options--something that applied natural approaches, but was more accessible to the average consumer and didn’t sacrifice evidence or substance. Once we saw this gap and talked to hundreds of consumers who were looking for more options for their health, we became obsessed with solving the problem.

What does it mean to be backed by science?

Consumers today are looking for more natural approaches, but aren’t willing to sacrifice evidence and understanding of how ingredients work. Our approach starts with our Board of Scientific Advisors--we develop all of our formulations with this team of experts that include practicing doctors, a PhD and an herbalist, who draw from experience with patients. Next, we comb existing medical literature to select ingredients that have strong clinical substantiation. Lastly, we’ve invested in clinical studies on each of our launch products--this isn’t required by law, but we believe in the importance of contributing to the body of research in the natural products category. You can read more on Our Science here

What is the inspiration behind all of your products?

We actually were originally inspired by a sugary, bright immune support option on the market. We knew there were better, more natural ways to boost our immune systems. From there we saw opportunities across many categories of products and care to apply the clean label standard, and more scientific rigor.

How did you come up with your brand's name?

In our search for a name, we knew we wanted to find something that didn’t mean anything to most people, so we could imbue it with the brand feeling that we wanted to create. We loved the name Hilma because it checked that box, and we also felt it evoked a caregiver, which of course was spot-on for the brand we were building.

What has been the most exciting part of starting a female founded business?

Feeling the power of an amazingly accomplished network of female mentors and friends that have helped us along the way! It also means a lot to us that we’re able to inspire others the way we’ve looked up to other female entrepreneurs.

How has Hilma helped you heal?


Hilary: “I keep Tension Relief on my desk--it really helps with long days in front of a computer!”


Nina: Upset Stomach is my go-to; keep it in my bag at all times for after meals.


Lily: Immune Support makes me feel like I can power through. The ritual of drinking it in the morning also is very soothing to me.

Natural remedies, backed by science. Shop now at hilma.co!

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