5 Ways to Manage Lyme Disease w. Dr. Ingles

Judy Lam
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Judy Lam
29 September, 2020
· 2 min read
5 Ways to Manage Lyme Disease w. Dr. Ingles

Healing Through a Naturopathic Approach

"If we make our bodies inhospitable to the Lyme germ and give our immune system everything it needs to function well, we give ourselves a fighting chance to overcome Lyme disease".

  1. Improve your nutritional status. Eat nutrient-dense foods or follow an alkaline diet to alter your cellular pH to allow each enzyme to work at its optimal level and facilitate tissue repair.



  2. Improve your gut health. Encourage better elimination of toxins, balance your gut ecology, and optimize your digestive process.


  3. Treat Lyme with herbs. Use those that not only target the organism but also help reduce inflammation, improve blood flow, boost energy and repair mitochondria, encourage better sleep and support your hormone systems.


  4. Eliminate toxins. Do whatever you can to rid of toxins in and around your home or work environment to lower your body burden, which will allow your tissues and cells to function better.


  5. Manage your lifestyle. Make sure to follow good sleep hygiene practices, move your body as tolerated, and master your stress.

“Continuing to eat junk food, for example, can undermine other things you do to get well. Work to make your body a healing machine and remove obstacles that inhibit that process”.

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