Meet Wana

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23 March, 2020
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Meet Wana

Wana was built by a team of people who live with chronic and invisible conditions and understand what our community members are going through. Our founders met by chance and connected over their shared health stories: mysterious symptoms, frustrating misdiagnoses, and a sense of isolation. As they bonded over their symptoms, shared advice about treatments, and supported each other in finding answers, their health challenges became a lot less overwhelming. They got better, together.

Wana was created for people like you and people like us.


Evan | CEO + Co-Founder:

As someone who dealt with years of false starts with healing because he was undiagnosed, he’s dedicated to getting smart on his condition and helping others do the same. He lives and breathes wellness, can be found on his yoga mat and or getting acupuncture, and believes in this deep-but-simple wisdom: if we give our body the right tools, it can heal.


Nicole | Head Visionary + Co-Founder:

Throughout her journey with chronic illness, she has relied on the power of the mind-body connection for healing. Harnessing joy and vulnerability, she seeks to help others feel empowered in their health, even when faced with steep challenges. As someone committed to healing from the inside out, Nicole can be found enjoying nature and museums, spending time with friends and family, or soaking up a sound bath.


Jorge | CTO:

He’s a Jedi master of creating products that solve complex issues in modern healthcare. Throughout his own health hurdles, diving deep into research of crowdsourced ideas and solutions is what kept him positive. That’s what drives him to make Wana a powerful healthcare brain that’s (one day) in everyone’s pocket.


Billy | Strategy:

As someone fueled by hard work who also manages chronic symptoms, he’s a strong advocate of treating yourself with the same love and respect you extend to others. He aims to empower people to understand that loving yourself isn’t the same as being selfish, and he strikes balance in his life with good food, travel, and shamanic reiki.


Hannah | Community:

She’s found her purpose in connecting people in ways that support their health and healing. As someone who has dealt with chronic illness since she was a teenager, she’s passionate about increasing research for chronic illness, using food as medicine, and being a guiding light for others.

Wana join the team? Shoot us your resume and some details about your journey to hello@joinwana.com

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