3 Tips & 3 Benefits of the Milk Cleanse

Judy Lam
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Judy Lam
17 September, 2020
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3 Tips & 3 Benefits of the Milk Cleanse

3 tips on how to do a Milk Cleanse detox

  1. Drink only full-fat animal milk (we recommend goat milk), water and coffee
  2. Take Milk Cleanse supplements. With the perfect balance of protein, fat and sugar people usually feel great on full-fat animal milk!
  3. Return to simple, nutritious food, three meals a day, with our supplements for 14 days (recommended meals include clean proteins, organic vegetables, healthy fats and simple grains)

3 reasons why a Milk Cleanse is beneficial

  1. Increased energy which leads to greater mental clarity, more focus, and decreased fatigue and brain fog
  2. Can be used as an overall re-set for the body and gut whereas other cleanses focus on getting rid of symptoms, parasites, and candida
  3. Helps with prevention, maintenance, and general wellbeing

“There is no miracle cure to being in balance. Wellness is a lifelong journey that ebbs and flows. We are impacted by the environments around us; the people, the places. So, we are constantly balancing our interaction in that flow! It is important to find the things that nourish all parts of you."

Jody Levy | Co-Founder The Milk Cleanse

To gain more background on a Milk Cleanse Detox:
How to Detox with a Milk Clease

The Milk Cleanse

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