5 Facts About Naturopathic Medicine

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24 September, 2020
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5 Facts About Naturopathic Medicine

1. Prevention of disease.

Naturopathic medicine is for the prevention of disease. If the patient is beyond prevention, the goal is to restore balance physiologically and biochemically.

2. Fixing core issues.

Standard medicine often offers the scaffolding and support necessary to keep the building standing while Naturopathic medicine goes inside to find out what caused the building to deteriorate and fix the core issues.

3. Long-term success.

Both standard and naturopathic medicine are necessary for long term success.

4. Comprehensive "tool box"

If you are comparing a naturopathic tool box to a conventional medicine tool box specifically, the naturopathic tool box requires the patient to be more involved in their healing process as it requires diet change, habit change, supplements to organize and possibly more.

5. Works with conventional methods, too.

A conventional tool box may be simpler - a “rinse, lather, repeat” approach. This is great if that is truly where you are in your health journey.

"My gravitational pull to naturopathic medicine wasn’t simply the tool box (but don’t get me wrong, I love that tool box to pieces), but it was connecting with a person and treating them as an individual with their own storyline that is nothing like anyone else’s. I am a lover of stories and truly believe everyone has something to offer this planet." - Dr. Thalia Farshchian (Naturopath)

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