3 Ways to Retrain Your Brain with Neurofeedback & 3 Reasons to Start w. Tim Norman

Judy Lam
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Judy Lam
24 September, 2020
· 1 min read
3 Ways to Retrain Your Brain with Neurofeedback & 3 Reasons to Start w. Tim Norman

3 Ways to Retrain Your Brain with Neurofeedback

1. Undergo a combination of psychotherapy and Neurofeedback

2. Participate in a visual feedback program; a systematic process of repeatedly dimming and brightening the TV screen.

3. Participate in an audio feedback program; a therapeutic process where low sounds will emit from a computer and play in the background. This approach feeds the brain information and it helps regulate the body’s autonomic nervous system.

3 Reasons for Brain Retraining

1. There are essentially no side effects from Neurofeedback because it conditions the brain in very small increments, slowly over time

2. 80-85% of clients see improvements in symptoms

3. If you have seizures, ADHD, sleep disorders, arthritis, depression, and anxiety Neurofeedback can possibly be a game changer in your experience

"Neurofeedback replicates the parasympathetic response of the nervous system, commonly known as the state of “rest and digest”. This is when healing takes place in the body. Over time, thanks to brain plasticity, the brain can heal itself through Neurofeedback, with the ability to regulate many of the body‘s systems, including respiratory, endocrine, digestive, etc."

- Tim Norman (LCSW, M.Ed), Clinical Director and CEO of the ATTN Center in New York City

For psychotherapy and Neurofeedback therapy opportunities...

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