NeuroPraxis - Fast Facts

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Judy Lam
06 October, 2020
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NeuroPraxis - Fast Facts

FAQ on Neuropraxis w. Jody Levy and Lisa Wimberger


What is NeuroPraxis?

NeuroPraxis is a digital app made up of interactive series of meditation-like modules that invoke balance. It is for anyone and everyone struggling with PTSD, chronic pain, cognitive imbalance, and stress. NeuroPraxis Mind Modules are between 5-15 minutes, they are like meditations that invoke wellness, calm, and balance. Our application is designed for daily use to optimize results.

What’s the story behind NeuroPraxis?

In 2019, two women named Lisa Wimberger and Jody Levy came together as business partners. Lisa previously suffered from a debilitating seizure disorder that led her to study neuroscience. She had created a protocol named Neurosculpting that completely stopped her seizures; this had been created in 2007.

Fast forwarding back to 2019, NeuroPraxis was born after she met Jody who had cleared herself of CIRS (mold toxicity). She was still having lifestyle impacting, agonizing pain in her back and joints but after four Neurosculpting sessions, her pain was gone.

From then, they worked with a third partner EchoCharlie to build the magic – bring their vision to life with beautiful design and clean tech. Alas... NeuroPraxis Digital App was born!

How can you optimize your experience with the app?

Use the app everyday for a week. The repetitive nature allows for long lasting effects. You are also encouraged to use NeuroPraxis as a spot treatment. If you are experiencing anxiety, go to the Energy + Anxiety + Experience section and do an Anxiety module! Be consistent with it and then you’ll see the fastest results!

“I learned the language of my being and how to interpret that language to be in optimal health. There are moments where I feel off kilter, like all people, there are lots of outside influences, and inside influences, but I enjoy the process and have fun figuring out the best approach to attaining balance in any moment or situation.” - Jody Levy, Co-Founder NeuroPraxis

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