5 Ways to Reduce Oxalates in Your Diet

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17 September, 2020
· 2 min read
5 Ways to Reduce Oxalates in Your Diet

Looking to get rid of the oxalates that might be compromising your health? Join Wana + nutritionist, Monica Attinger to learn 5 easy ways to reduce oxalates in your diet and stay healthy.

1. Eat low oxalate foods (i.e. animal foods).

Think dairy, meat, fish, and eggs.

2. Calcium and Magensium.

Take a calcium or a magnesium supplement just before your meal. This will help bind the oxalate in the gut.

3. Go slow.

Don’t cut out oxalate from your diet all at once. Lean into this.

4. Avoid "oxolate dumping".

Eat high oxalate foods or reduced servings every other day in the beginning to avoid "oxolate dumping".

5. Epsom salt baths.

Try epsom salt baths. This will gently support you as your excrete oxalate.

"I suspect the biggest challenge with oxalate is that it is a long term process to get rid of it. What I say to clients is that it is a marathon, and not a sprint! The more fragile your health is now, the more slowly (and carefully) you need to proceed." -Monique Attinger, nutritionist

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