How to Revamp Your Medicine Cabinet w. Hilary Quartner

Judy Lam
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Judy Lam
19 October, 2020
· 2 min read
How to Revamp Your Medicine Cabinet w. Hilary Quartner

Join Wana + Hilary, co-founder of Hilma to learn how transforming your medicine cabinet can transform your healing journey

When my co-founders, Nina, Lily, and I had the insight around what options are missing today in peoples’ medicine cabinets, we all felt the urge to wrangle our resources and energy to help solve the problem and hopefully make peoples’ lives better as a result. There was a clear need and we felt we could reason (and work really hard) to address it.

The first step to transforming my medicine cabinet was education! I was lucky enough to have had exposure to different approaches to addressing health concerns throughout my life, but my knowledge of the healing power of plants was limited to the use cases that I had personally struggled most with. As the three of us built the foundation for Hilma, we all dug much deeper in order to understand the breadth of how herbs and natural approaches could be incorporated into healing practices. We also saw how much research has been done in the space that is not brought to bear for the average consumer when making their health decisions.

In my opinion, what stands in the way of healing is good information or a lack of guidance about where to start! And unfortunately in our country, the reality is that getting quality healthcare can be prohibitively expensive. That’s why one of our core focuses at Hilma is making these products that promote everyday well-being especially easy to understand, approachable, and accessible from a price and distribution standpoint.

Quality ingredients is the most important thing! Starting with ingredients that first of all, are what they say they are, are pure, and safe is the first step toward a high-quality product. We feel the weight of our customers’ trust in us that we’ve done our homework to ensure that our products deliver on the highest quality standards in a moment of need. As a result, our products go through four rounds of quality testing, are tested and approved by the Clean Label Project, and we also conduct clinical research on our products to ensure that they perform as we expect.

I am driven by the opportunity to take action--that means finding a way to do something when you see a problem that you’re equipped to help solve. I feel an obligation to translate the good fortune I’ve had into ways to help others and make good things happen for more people. - Hilary Quartner

About Hilary Quartner

Hilary Quartner is the Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Hilma, which makes natural alternatives to medicine cabinet staples that are backed by science. Hilma offers Upset Stomach Relief, Tension Relief, Indoor/Outdoor Support and Immune Support. Prior to Hilma, Hilary built her career in the Retail & Consumer Products industry in roles from investment banking at Credit Suisse, strategy and brand management at The Wonderful Company and FIJI Water, and as the first hire and head of finance at Walmart’s incubated start-up, Jetblack. Hilary holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from Columbia University. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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