How to Talk About Sexual Health to Medical Professionals

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09 November, 2020
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How to Talk About Sexual Health to Medical Professionals

Join Wana + Courtney Brame, host of the Something Positive for Positive People podcast to learn how to bring up sexual health with your medical providers.

What are the most common issues between those seeking sexual health support and medical professionals?

Judgment of a person who's inquiring based on lifestyle, appearance, preconceived notions about them based on history, etc.

Why do you think sexual health is not being treated the same as mental health?

Because the connecting piece is stigma. People affected by sexual/mental health have the experience to negate all the BS the stigma says. With honest, consistent, trustworthy communication in regards to the reality of the coronavirus, for instance, the illusion of stigma in mental and sexual health will dissolve.

What do you believe is the best way to uplift the LGBTQ+ community in healthcare?

Empowerment of self-expression and disclosure seem to be the most effective ways. One way is to demonstrate representation from within the field in a way that is comfortable for the providers. Another way would be for people who receive services to really advocate for the queer friendly healthcare they receive at a particular facility/organization. Good service gets rewarded and bad service gets highlighted.

What is your primary tip to fight the stigmas related to sexual health and chronic illness?

The key is allyship from within the community extending out to close family and friends to be of support as well. We all know someone facing these stigmas and when those people can stand up for those directly impacted with knowledge, compassion and confidence, we get progress.

What do you see as the relationship between sex positivity and chronic illness?

Embracing the whole of one another. Illness is just another challenge a person faces with proof of developed resilience.

We've become a lot more comfortable with uncomfortable conversations — topics like politics, mental health or even sexuality were once deemed taboo — but still draw a hard line when it comes to sexually transmitted infections. The question is: why? - Courtney Brame

About Courtney Brame
Courtney is the founder and podcast host of Something Positive for Positive People, a 501c3 nonprofit organization raising money for people living with HSV (herpes) to receive therapy at no cost if they need help navigating the stigma.

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