5 Ways a Shaman Heals

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22 September, 2020
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5 Ways a Shaman Heals

1. There is no limit of what can be addressed.

In shamanic healing, one is able to healh depression, anxiety, sexual issues, career problems, etc.

2. A shaman’s domain is in the hidden and invisible realms.

Those in-between places and worlds that the shaman navigates to receive information, retrieve lost power, and commune with the spirits.

3. A shaman focuses on the mind-body relationship.

A shaman creates correction and well-being by healing our relationship with our mind and body, others, and the planet.

4. A shaman looks at “hard to look at”.

A shaman focuses on the difficult mental/emotional/spiritual factors that contribute to illnesses.

5. A shaman helps you to name your purpose and live by it.

"My work also addresses emotional and spiritual aspects of physical illness⎯particularly auto-immune disorders and other chronic health issues that often don’t have a “traditional” medical or allopathic context. Healing is real. It really can happen. But you have to make the choice that you actually want it."- Jonathan Hammond, Shamanic Healer

About Jonathan Hammond
Jonathan Hammond is a teacher, energy healer, shamanic practitioner, and spiritual counselor. Before beginning his work in holistic health and spirituality, he had a career as an award-winning actor, appearing on Broadway and on television. Click here to read more about his work.

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