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5 Ways to Sleep Better w. Mollie McGlocklin

Judy Lam
Written by
Judy Lam
22 September, 2020
· 2 min read
5 Ways to Sleep Better w. Mollie McGlocklin

Did you know that sleep is a skill? Learn 5 Ways on How to Catch Those Zz’s 😴

1. Get outside and get LOTS of sunlight first thing in the morning.

2. Practice Circadian Rhythm Intermittent Fasting.

3. Go to sleep in a fully dark environment.

4. Cultivate consistent routines and habits.

5. Be active during daylight hours and rest (your body and mind) in the evening.

“Now, I consistently wake up feeling rejuvenated with sustainable energy (and actual positive sleep stats to boot!), all of which leave me READY to take on my days. I effortlessly go to bed naturally around the same time every evening, regardless of where I am in the world.”

- Molly McGlocklin, Sleep Expert

Check out Sleep is a Skill for more information on healthy sleep habits

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