Understanding Anxiety & Yourself

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05 November, 2020
· 2 min read
Understanding Anxiety & Yourself

Antonio Liranzo shares how he has become the best version of himself

What is your best coping mechanism or health "life hack"?

Always let myself know when I am anxiously thinking and remind myself of what is reality vs. what my mind is making up!

What are your top 3 tips for someone who is undiagnosed but they know that something is “off”?

  1. You know your body best, so trust your gut feeling

  2. Find the right doctor pronto

  3. Have blood work of all kinds done to rule out what could be (and keep working towards generally being healthy!)

What are 3 people/places/items that have most impacted your life? Why?

  1. My mom and brother because they are home to me and give me a feeling of serenity

  2. My hometown of Long Beach and Italy are two places for me that I just feel at ease and safe!

  3. A lot of books have impacted my life as well, reading is so calming but also informative for my growth as a human.

If you had a giant billboard that millions of people would see, what would the message on it be?

There is nothing wrong with loving and accepting yourself

What new approach to life has helped you?

I'm learning boundaries like saying "no" to social gatherings and drinking.

When you feel overwhelmed or unfocused, or have lost your focus temporarily, what do you do?

I learned in therapy that my coping mechanism is checking in with myself and telling myself that there is no need to overwhelm and shock my body, to breathe and keep going.

About Antonio Liranzo

Antonio Liranzo is a performer and writer from New York. He grew up in Long Island and moved to the city to pursue his dreams to be an artist. Antonio published his first book on June 1st, 2020 called "Falling Angel : Rising Phoenix". Writing poetry since he was a child, he always dreamed of having his work published for the public to read and feel the emotions he felt. Using his poetry , Antonio has become an advocate for mental health. Antonio has a BA in Communications and Sociology and is obsessed with all things Britney Spears. Antonio is signed as an actor and model as well and loves performing.

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