Health App Wana Unveils COVID-19 Resources

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01 April, 2020
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Health App Wana Unveils  
COVID-19 Resources
As millions of Americans are instructed to stay indoors, Wana’s online community shows social distancing doesn’t mean You Have To Be Alone

NEW YORK – Wana, the online social network for health, today announced its latest efforts to address the COVID-19 pandemic by expanding its free community platform and resources to ensure that any person concerned about or suffering from the novel coronavirus is not left alone.

The startup’s IOS App, available on the App Store, typically offers a community platform that fosters hope, direction, and healing for people with chronic and invisible health conditions. Specifically designed to help the millions of people who live with chronic conditions – like Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, endometriosis, and POTS, among many others – Wana’s COVID-19 response represents the company’s growing focus to help users find community and information, especially at times when it matters most.

Wana has dedicated a COVID-19 page in its WanaLibrary, an expansive expert-curated resource built around symptoms, treatments, and diagnoses, to help users find simple habits that can help take care of their body and mind during this time.

“Online communities are more important than ever before during social distancing. If you’re feeling alone or isolated, it’s important to remember we’re all in this together—we are not alone,” said Evan Golub, Co-Founder and CEO of Wana.

“Wana is unique – especially at a time when health, readiness, and community-support are front of mind,” said Nicole Krinick, Co-Founder and Head Visionary of Wana. “At Wana, illness doesn't isolate us— it connects us. Whatever your health story looks like, you can relate to someone on our app and learn something new in the library.”

“With 6 in 10 adults in the U.S. living with a chronic disease, patients are looking for places to ask questions, get answers, and learn about new treatments,” said Dr. Michelle L. Shuffett, MD, Medical Advisor for Wana. “Being prepared and making safe decisions during COVID-19 helps you, your loved ones, and your community. Wana is a place for anyone to learn tangible tips from our team of experts to help you stay healthy, well-equipped, and calm.”

Dealing with long-term and mysterious symptoms is a challenge that often leaves people feeling sick, alone and hopeless. Wana was created because existing platforms do not fulfill the most important needs of people facing chronic health issues. In the coming months, Wana plans to introduce partnerships with leading wellness brands and launch a practitioner network to connect more users across the United States to a broader community to support their medical journies.

Wana wants users to feel—every time they log on—that no matter what illness they may face, they are not alone. To learn more about Wana, visit joinwana.com and download the app through the iOS App Store.

Wana (We Are Not Alone):
Wana is an app that fosters hope, direction, and healing for people with chronic and invisible health conditions. The community enables users to connect, learn and discover while empowering them to feel better, together.

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