Light Therapy - Fast Facts

Judy Lam
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Judy Lam
04 October, 2020
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Light Therapy - Fast Facts

FAQ about the WaveForce Light Therapy Technology w. Dan Bergeron


What is Waveforce?

Waveforce™ is a technology company that reduces Lyme patients’ symptoms through light therapy. The patent-pending technology that Waveforce™ has developed allows them to identify very specific radio frequencies, package them together, and broadcast them over lighting.

How does WaveForce’s light therapy differ from other companies?

When most companies talk about “light therapy” they are simply using a different color light to transmit that color's associated frequency into the body for some general type of benefit. With Waveforce™’s technology we can lay any frequency or combination of frequencies we want on that light so we use different color lights depending on the level of absorption we are targeting rather than depending on it generically.

How do the frequencies affect the body?

The frequencies introduced are frequencies that are natural to the body focused on helping cellular communication within your body which foundationally is how the body's immune system works – cell to cell communication that fires when one cell is in need of something from another to defend itself fighting off infection, virus, bacteria, etc.

How does the technology work?

The technology is very prescriptive in what’s targeted in regards to things negatively affecting the body. The focus is very much on long term health by re-establishing that cell to cell communication where it may have broken down so it can effectively do what it was intended to do and defend itself.

What are the main benefits?

Overall better health. FREmedica™ customers also report they are less stressed, have improved gut health, sleep much better, are mentally very clear, and in general, get sick far less. FREmedica™ has also had many customers using our Wave1 device have not been diagnosed with Lyme disease but who are known to suffer from things like mold sensitivity, other unexplained autoimmune issues such as Parkinson’s, Epstein Bar and others have seen a significant quality of life improvement as the toxins are purged from their body and their immune system starts communicating more effectively.

"Don’t be afraid of stepping outside your box and trying something unconventional, particularly when it doesn’t introduce anything foreign into your body and has the science to back it up / defend it."- Dan Bergeron, CEO of FREmedica™

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