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Chronic fatigue syndrome


Think about the most exhausted you've ever been. Now imagine feeling that way all day every day, for weeks or months at a time, as you wave goodbye to your social life and your ability to work or function. You may not even be able to get out of bed. And here’s the fun part: there's no test to diagnose you! That's chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Medical researchers also call it myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)—a real mouthful. Fatigue is a symptom of just about every illness out there, but CFS is a diagnosis all on its own. It can cause problems with thinking and concentrating, memory loss, muscle and joint pain, headaches, depression, and a feeling of overall weakness. Plus, your symptoms may get worse after any physical or mental activities (that’s called PEM—post exertional malaise). Besides the lack of a diagnostic test, there's no one underlying cause of CFS, other illnesses have similar symptoms, and there’s no magic bullet to treat it (we know, incredibly frustrating!). Because people often experience a flu-like illness before the onset of CFS, experts suspect a viral connection (especially with the Epstein-Barr virus), but the evidence has been inconclusive so far. What preliminary research does show is that genetics may play a role—some people are born with a predisposition that can be triggered by things like viral infections, immune problems, or hormonal imbalances—and that CFS has similarities to fibromyalgia and links to metabolic syndrome. What helps? You should start by paying close attention to your symptoms and working with your practitioner to come up with a management plan. Don’t fall victim to the “push and crash” phenom: you feel better, do too much, and then feel worse again. Cognitive behavioral therapy (and to a lesser extent, relaxation therapy) can improve symptoms in the long-term. Gentle yoga, massage, heat, toning exercises, and acupuncture can ease pain, while a type of activity management called pacing can help you learn to balance rest and activity to reduce fatigue and PEM. Taking supplements like carnitine, CoQ10, or magnesium might also make you feel better, but the research is limited. It’s also super important to get enough sleep, but people with CFS often say sleep can be surprisingly hard to come by. If this describes you, melatonin and valerian might help you get the zzzs you really, really need. If you are feeling depressed, you may benefit from an antidepressant, but they sometimes worsen other CFS symptoms and have side effects. Try deep breathing, massage, and movement therapies like tai chi to help create a sense of well-being. Finally, even when the going’s tough and you’re exhausted beyond belief, don’t forget to reach out to your WanaFam for support. It can be easy to isolate yourself, but don’t lose sight of the fact that there are people who get you, and who are rooting for you.

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