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Does it feel like a demolition site in your head? That’s just your run-of-the-mill migraine for ya. Yeah, ouch. Migraines are typically incredibly painful, to the point of being debilitating. For many people, they also bring on nausea, light sensitivity, and vision problems. Some people experience an aura before (or during) a migraine. The aura is often visual, meaning you might see flashes of light, bright spots, or shapes. Sometimes there is temporary vision loss. Others experience auras as a pins and needles feeling, weakness or numbness, or they may have trouble speaking. You should discuss headaches with a practitioner, since migraines can be a standalone diagnosis, but headaches can also be the byproduct of Lyme (which triggers nervous system inflammation), mold illness, or pretty much any other chronic condition. Diagnosis is typically made based on your history, symptoms, and physical exam. Complex cases may require imaging studies. Keeping a headache diary can help your practitioner zero in on the cause (and ultimately, what provides relief!). What helps? Avoiding your triggers! Migraine triggers may include stress, certain foods, certain drinks, bright lights or glare, loud sounds, lack of sleep, weather changes, and more. Eliminating foods and ingredients that might set off your pain is a start (caffeine, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, and chemical preservatives can all be triggers). There are also some supplements and vitamins that might help give you some relief from migraines, including magnesium, butterbur, feverfew, coenzyme Q10, riboflavin, and alpha-lipoic acid. Blue-light-blocking glasses also help combat and prevent migraines for some people, as can treatments like Botox. Acupuncture, biofeedback, and cognitive behavioral therapy may help relieve pain or change how you perceive it. There are also many medications that can act as preventives and rescue treatments, so talk to your practitioner about what might work for your symptoms. There are a lot of options out there, but you might have to cycle through a few to find something that makes a difference for you. Above all, when you’re down with a migraine, always remember: you are not alone. Migraine is a super common condition, and 39 million other Americans are in this with you—not to mention, a lot of people in your WanaFam! Migraines can be isolating, so don’t be afraid to reach out for support.

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The Migraine Miracle: A Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Ancestral Diet to Reduce Inflammation and Relieve Your Headaches for Good

If you suffer from migraines, you know from experience that prescription medication can only do so much to help relieve your suffering. You also know that your next headache could still strike at any time, and as a result, you may lead a life of fear and trepidation, never knowing when the responsibilities of work and family will once again fall victim to your throbbing skull. Unfortunately, despite the many advances in medicine, there is still no real cure for the migraine headache. In The Migraine Miracle, a neurologist with a personal history of migraines offers readers the revolutionary dietary cure that has worked for him and continues to work for his patients: a diet low in wheat, sugar, and processed foods, and high in organic, protein-rich animal products. The book also explores the link between inflammation, diet, and migraines, and contains a 21-day meal plan to help readers change the way they eat. By following this easy meal plan, millions of sufferers will discover a life free from symptoms—once and for all. The book includes comprehensive, research-based information that explains what the brain goes through during a migraine headache, the phases of the migraine, and how a diagnosis is made. It also explores the risks and benefits of migraine medication, natural remedies for migraines, dietary migraine triggers, and detailed, specific instructions for a migraine-free eating plan. If you have tried migraine medicine but have not found real relief, it’s time to try something new. By changing the way you eat, and understanding what foods can trigger your migraine, you can start feeling better longer, without the threat of a migraine always looming over everything you do.


The Migraine Brain: Your Breakthrough Guide to Fewer Headaches, Better Health

A comprehensive book that explains how to cope with migraines by an esteemed neurologist. You know that your migraine isn't just a headache. But you may not know that migraine actually is a neurological disease. Affecting one in five women, one in twenty men, and one in twenty children, it's a debilitating, complex, and chronic condition that manifests in a combination of symptoms that can include excruciating head pain as well as other distinctive physical and emotional effects. Yet it's also a disease that you can get control of, improve, and manage, as Dr. Carolyn Bernstein has discovered in her seventeen years as a Harvard Medical School faculty member and practicing neurologist. Praised for her excellence and compassion, the founder of the Women's Headache Center near Boston, and a migraine sufferer herself, Dr. Bernstein has helped hundreds of her patients get better. Now, with The Migraine Brain, the most comprehensive, up-to-the-minute book on migraines ever written, you will be able to do the same—reduce the frequency and intensity of your migraines, learn how to prevent and curtail them and how to recover from them more quickly, and mitigate migraine's effects on every aspect of your life: in the workplace and at home and during sex and travel. Every migraine is different because everyone who gets a migraine has a distinctive “Migraine Brain” with its own sensitivities and triggers. That's why it's so important for you to develop a personalized wellness plan to radically reduce the number and severity of your migraines. Dr. Bernstein also explains why migraines happen, why they are so often misdiagnosed, and why so few people get the right treatment for them. She reveals the latest research that shows that Migraine Brains share a hypersensitivity to stimuli—the Migraine Brain can actually look different from others on a brain scan—and is more likely to experience a cascade of neurological reactions that give rise to the common clusters of migraine symptoms. This breakthrough medical knowledge makes treatment and recovery possible with new migraine-specific drugs as well as with complementary treatments such as yoga, biofeedback, and an exercise regimen. With the extraordinarily thorough recommendations of The Migraine Brain in your hands, you will be fully equipped with all the latest information you need to understand migraines and to help your family and co-workers understand that migraine isn't just a headache: it's a serious, yet treatable disease.

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The Unleashed Human: How To Crush Headaches, Migraines, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Bio-Hack Your Spine and Increase Human Performance With Chiropractic BioPhysics

On this episode we talk about why taking care of your spine extremely vital for you to be healthy. You know, that thing in the back of your body that keeps you upright and allows you to move your legs. That thing that controls every single organ in your body. Yea that thing is called your spine. You should pay attention to it more often because it is what determines your quality of life. When your spine becomes decrepit and degenerated it starts to lock itself into place, which means your spine is literally fusing itself… to itself. Your bones start to become fixated and your range of motion becomes severely restricted leading to nerve impingement. Your nerves then become compromised and all your organs, tissues and cells suffer due to loss of nerve flow to keep them alive and healthy. This episode is likely to become very controversial, as I talk about different types of spine management approaches and why some of them fail. I will also be talking about types of Chiropractic care and why they are so different. So, if you have had a bad experience with a chiropractor, I will tell you why that was the case. Or if you went to a Chiropractor and you were immediately turned off because of how weird and quaky they were, I will tell you why. Trust me, I know how weird chiropractors can be, because a lot of them do really esoteric things that are beyond what seems scientifically reasonable. There are, however, chiropractors who provide scientific evidence and research for what they do. These Chiropractors are super analytical and make sure that their patients understand how the human spine works and functions based on biomechanics and loading forces on the spine. You see, visiting a chiropractor is just like visiting a dentist or visiting a medical doctor. If you went to visit a dentist and they did a piss poor job leaving you with a bad taste in your mouth.. literally… would you just decide “I’m never getting my teeth cleaned again and never seeing a dentist as long as I live, or would you find better dentist?” I’m pretty sure you would find a new dentist, because regular checkups are crucial, as we know gum disease can lead to many issues like cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disease and even diabetes. Just like you wouldn’t just immediately opt-in for a spine surgery, you would seek all conservative approaches to spinal care before spending hundreds of thousands of dollars with the potential of becoming paralyzed or becoming worse from surgery. You also wouldn’t ever discard all medical doctors forever because we need medical doctors for things like emergency medicine and severe bacterial or viral infections. Every single healthcare practitioner plays their role in healthcare today or else there wouldn’t be board advisories set up for them to exist. This being said, find the right practitioner for you and don’t lump them all into a group as the same. Do your homework and you will likely find the fit for you. Here's the thing…. Dentists, just like Chiropractors all practice differently and have different techniques. Although both Dentists and Chiropractors both go through 4-year programs undergoing the core curriculum in order to pass national board testing, they also undergo specialized training in the technique or specialty of their choosing. Some people are either turned on or turned off by the specialty these physicians’ practice. Now, In my experience, most humans prefer visible, tangible, factual and scientifically based health care and treatment routes. You know, care that someone can actually understand and visually make sense of. That is why I practice the most scientific and research-based form of Chiropractic on the planet which is called Chiropractic Biophysics. I am embarrassed to say that a lot of my Chiropractic colleagues do things that are way out of what is reasonably acceptable for health care standards. Things like energy-based chiropractic where the chiropractor doesn’t even touch you and says that they were able to adjust your spine with their mind. Or muscle-testing techniques to see which nutrients your body is or isn’t deficient in. Some people are into this kind of thing, and it works for some people, but if you are a more analytical person who needs the facts, then you are going to be extremely weirded out and then lump the entire Chiropractic profession into an insane group of quacks out to take your money. Believe me.. I get it.. because I would feel the same way if I was looking at Chiropractic from the outside-in. However, just know that, that is just a small population of the Chiropractic profession and that many Chiropractors are extremely knowledgeable and research-based physicians. That is to say that, myself and my other colleagues who practice Chiropractic BioPhysics technique work with some of the world’s top orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, neurologists and medical doctors. This is because they understand how biomechanics, arthro-kinematics and postural deformities put stress and strain on the spine through repetitive micro and macro traumas over our lifetime. And when we show them how we are remolding healthier postures and spines by implementing chiropractic adjustments, strengthening weakened muscles with dynamic exercise, re-establishing proprioception and balance to the brain stem using vibration platforms and stretching spinal ligaments (which is the glue of our spine) into positions that keep our spine upright using spinal traction units. By using all of these tools, modalities and treatments, this allows other healthcare providers to understand what we do truly makes logical sense. Because at the end of the day we are trying to bridge the gap between the medical model of surgery and drugs towards implementing more conservative approaches to health care first through Chiropractic, nutrition and physical therapy. Let’s touch a little bit on this thing called Chiropractic BioPhysics… Now my job on this episode is not to persuade you or to show my bias towards Chiropractic BioPhysics. My purpose is to simply tell you about the technique and how it provides incredible outcomes. In fact, I don’t have to persuade you into anything, because the research sells Chiropractic Biophysics alone. I don’t intend on putting any other technique down but I do intend to show you how Chiropractic BioPhyics is a technique that is tangible and understandable that everyone on planet Earth can understand backed by solid research. Now Let talk about the technique…just like there are normal measurements for blood pressure and cholesterol levels, there are normal measurements for the human spine. These normal measurements of our spine is known as the ideal spine model. This model was founded by Dr. Don Harrison who received a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in applied mathematics. Which if that wasn’t impressive enough, he attained these degrees simultaneously and had to have special approval from his university’s educational board to work on these degrees simultaneously because nobody in their right mind would do these together due to how extremely rigorous they are by themselves alone. This is to say, Dr. Don Harrison was an extremely intelligent and hardworking individual. Dr. Don was almost savant-like, with a passion to advance the Chiropractic profession to what health care should be focusing on.. which is looking to the spine first to determine how curvatures and posture affects a person’s health. In other words, the further you get away from healthy and normal spinal curvatures, the lower the quality of life you will endure. The other side of the coin is the closer you are to the ideal spine model of humans, the healthier and higher quality of life you will endure. Quickly before we move on I will tell you what the normal curvatures of each part of our spine should be according to the ideal spine model in humans. We have three major regions of our spine: First is our cervical spine which makes up our neck and has 7 bones C1-C7. Our neck has a lordotic curve made from a piece of a circle. The ideal degree of curvature of our cervical spine is 42 degrees and a normal degree of curvature is 34 degrees. This being said you want a lordotic cervical curve anywhere between 34 and 42 degrees. Second is our thoracic spine which makes up our upper and middle back and has 12 bones T1-T12. Our thoracic spine has a kyphotic curve that should have an ideal curve of 44 degrees T1-T12 so that our heart and lungs can function to their best. Third is our Lumbar spine which makes up our low back and has 5 bones L1-L5. Our lumbar spine is a lordotic curve just like our cervical spine, but instead of a piece of a circle, it is a piece of an ellipse. The ideal degree of curvature for our lumbar spine is 40 degrees. The more your spinal curvatures start to go below or above these values, the more pain and organ disfunction you are likely to incur. Now.. Like I said, after this episode I will likely have other chiropractors being mad at me or coming out of the wood-work stating their case… great! I invite that. But you cannot argue facts and science that have been given solid evidence that is published in the top spine journals on planet Earth. That being said, the standard chiropractic adjustment which chiropractors are known for, is not what creates lasting change from pain, organ dysfunction, and posture deformities. The chiropractic adjustment is an amazing treatment for acute care and symptomatology. Things like headaches, neck pain, back pain, joint pains, jaw pain, constipation, numbness and tingling in extremities and the list goes on. However, as much as I hate to say it.. a chiropractic adjustment is a temporary band-aid, because if you’ve been to a chiropractor before you get adjusted and feel great for a week or so and then you have to go back for another adjustment. This is because an adjustment really only releases nerve pressure and increases physiological range of motion for short periods of time until your spine, muscles and ligaments go right back to where they were. You want to know why? Because THE ADJUSTMENT DID NOTHING TO CHANGE YOU POSTURE LONGTERM. If you get nothing out of this episode other than understanding that permanent posture change is the ultimate determinant of eliminating spine pain and increasing nerve function then I will have done my job. That being said, a chiropractic adjustment can only change posture temporarily. The only way for posture to remain permanent is by retraining your muscles and ligaments to hold your spine in place. This will lead to much better outcomes like nerve function, athletic performance, brain performance, organ function and dramatic increase of quality of life. You also won’t need to get adjusted every damn week. So put that idea that you have to see a Chiropractor for the rest of your life to bed. Now, as I stated earlier, I myself am a Doctor of Chiropractic and I treat the spine in a conservative, non-invasive and drug-free fashion. At the time of this recording, I work alongside Dr. Miles Fortner who has been published in 5 peer-reviewed pub-med indexed journal articles on conservative treatments of spinal deformities utilizing Chiropractic Biophysics protocol. Two more research cases are expected to be published here in the coming months with my name on it as the lead investigator. If you don’t know what pub-med is, it is one of the largest research databases in the world for new advances in science, health and human advancements. This being said, the type of Chiropractic care that we do inside our office is unlike any conservative treatment you will ever find. Just about everyone has a spine related issue in their lifetime. Whether that is physical pain in the neck, upper, mid and lower back. Spine related issues, however, are not always perceived as spine generated. In other words, most people don’t even realize that their current condition or issue is coming from their spine. For instance, having chronic migraines or headaches have been known to be spine generated but most people think they have a brain tumor or neurological deficit. What we find as chiropractors more often than not is that those people with chronic headaches are suffering from an unhealthy cervical spine also known as the bones in your neck. Headaches are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to poor functioning spine and spinal cord. The conditions and symptoms you have been suffering from your entire life could be coming from having a poor posture, which leads to a poor spinal structure, which puts a ton of pressure on your nerves and decrease nerve conduction velocity and impulse to every single cell, tissue and organ of your body. Let’s first start with some conditions relating to an unhealthy cervical spine aka an unhealthy neck. Again, these are things you have been living with that you may never think could be due to an unhealthy neck. Things like Migraine headaches, tension headaches, ringing in the ears, vertigo, dizziness, nausea, jaw pain, jaw clicking, grinding teeth at night, snoring, sleep apnea, spots or floating lights, numbness and tingling in hands, coldness in hands, weakness on grip, forearm cramping, getting sick easier than most, staying sick longer than most, thyroid dysfunction and troubles regulating body temperature. A lot of stuff huh? And those were just the conditions related to a poor cervical spine aka the bones in your neck. I’ll give you a quick case report on a woman with a cervical spine condition that drastically decreased her quality of life. This woman had a large right head translation along with a surgical cervical spine fusion. If you don’t know what a right head translation is, imagine a string is attached to your right ear and is pulling your ear purely to the right parallel to the ground. Now Two CBP colleagues Dr. Paul Oakley and Dr. Deed Harrison published a case report on this woman. I will mention that Dr. Deed Harrison is the son of Dr. Don Harrison we spoke about earlier. Dr. Deed Harrison is currently the President of CBP technique and seminars. Now this case I am going to tell you about can be found in The Journal of Physical Therapy Science and is titled Alleviation of pain and disability in a post-surgical C4–C7 total fusion patient after reducing a lateral head translation (side shift) posture: a CBP®case report with a 14 year follow-up . Now let’s set the stage. This was a 56-year-old female who had turned her neck a certain way, she felt a pop in her neck and immediately had localized neck pain. She then went to see a local Chiropractor for pain relief but unfortunately this Chiropractor failed to do a proper examination and X-rays. What the Chiropractor failed to understand, is that the patient already had a pre-existing condition in her neck known as a congenital fusion of two segments of her cervical spine. Congenital means she was born with it, as opposed to a surgical fusion when bones are fused together with surgical material. The only way to know that is to take spinal X-rays, in which this Chiropractor failed to perform. She also had an injury of the joint above the fusion where a bone had shifted forward which is known as an anterior-listhesis which is commonly found above or below in those with congenital fusions. So being completely blinded of her condition, this Chiropractor adjusted her neck and immediately made her neck flare up more and sent pain down her right arm. Now, I am not here to put down Chiropractors because I am a Chiropractor. What I am putting down is any health care provider that fails to provide standard of care whether that is a Chiropractor, Dentist, Medical Doctor or even a naturopathic doctor. In this case, the Chiropractor didn’t take an X-rays to see if she may have an underlying pathology whether that was an unstable cervical spine, spinal degeneration, cervical fusion or a more sinister but rare malignancy. After the patient was adjusted, she got concerned so she went to an orthopedic surgeon and from here you can guess that the orthopedic surgeon said the Chiropractor caused the injury. The reality is that the condition already existed in the patient, but the Chiropractor unintentionally exacerbated the condition by not doing a proper exam and x-ray. And of course, now the patient and orthopedic surgeons will continue to condemn ALL chiropractors from this one incident. The surgeon told the patient to never go to a chiropractor again and that she now needs surgery and ended up getting a cervical spine fusion from C4 to C7. So, guess what happened.. the patient was not better after the surgery, in face she was even worse after the surgery and didn’t require surgery in the first place.. but I guess surgeons know best right? After years of suffering from post-surgical pain, the patient finally decided to trust a Chiropractor again and reported to Dr. Deed Harrison’s office. She had chronic neck pain of 6/10. She had left arm numbness, migraines 1x week, left foot pain and tingling when walking, and she had decreased neck ROM and stiffness with a constant pulling of neck musculature. She was on 7 pain medications. Things like Tylenol (acetaminophen and codeine), Fentanol(narcotic), Amerge(antimigraine), Desipramine(antidepressant), Amitryptyline (antidepressant), Metoclopramide (antiemetic), Zanaflex (muscle relaxant) and in the past oxycontin (narcotic) The patient filled out a health survey form called an SF36 that lets you know based of her age and population norms, will let you know objectively how a person is functioning socially, mentally and physically. Her social functioning was so low that she couldn’t even hangout with her friends or do the things she wanted to do because of pain. On her Neck Disability Index, she was a 64% which is severe pain and disability. What Dr. Harrison found was that this patient had a 28 mm lateral head translation to the right which in inches is 1.1 inches which may not seem like a lot but shift your head to the right 1 inch and walk around like that all day and you will find it is very uncomfortable. In fact, the maximum amount a human should be able to translate their head left or right is 35mm. This means this patient is 80% of her maximum range of motion. It is 80% of her end range of motion and she is stuck in this position in her NEUTRAL posture. This is extremely stressful on the muscles, ligaments and nerves coming out of the neck. Now this patient was from Canada. So, in order for her to receive proper care, correction and increase her quality of life, she needed to set aside 2 weeks where she could stay in The United States and undergo an aggressive but precise treatment regimen. She was treated several times a day for 11 days straight. She had 25 sessions over an 11-day period. This consisted of mirror image postural adjustments, mirror image postural instrument adjustments, mirror image postural exercises and mirror image postural spinal translation traction to correct her right head translation posture. She had these treatments 2-4 times per day. After 11 days of care, her right head translation was reduced by more than 50% and went from 28mm to 13mm which is extremely impressive considering she had surgical fusions up and down her cervical spine. After 11 days, her SF36 health survey went from a 36.5 to a 51.5 on her physical pain component and 38.6 to 58.9 on her mental outlook component. For those of you who don’t know the significance of these scores, let’s just say these scores are amazing. After years of chronic pain and disability, Dr. Harrison was able to significantly increase this patient’s quality of life in just 11days. Based off these scores, she was just below population norms. This goes to show that a one and done approach to spinal rehabilitation is unrealistic. This patient needed more care even after 25 visits. Think about it.. she had been living with this condition for years. You can’t expect to fix a 56-year old spine overnight. Just like you can’t expect to grow muscle and obtain a six-pack after one workout session. You don’t change muscle and tissue in a day. It takes months to even years to see change in your body shape and it is no different for your spine. After 11 days the patient was able to self-terminate all of her pain medications under supervision of her medical doctor but was still advised to stay on her antidepressants as people cannot rapidly come off of anti-depressants or antipsychotics and takes more time for hormones to cycle back to normal. As chiropractors we cannot legally tell a patient to stop or start any medications, so we always advise the patient to speak with their medical doctor to help guide them off medications. But the cool thing as Chiropractors is that we get to witness patients coming off medications and having way less pain even when taking pain medications. Which goes to show addressing the underlying condition and successfully improving function conservatively will likely outperform the effectiveness of pain medications. After 11 days the patient’s Neck disability survey went from a 64% of severe disability to a 12% of mild disability. THIS IS MASSIVE. You really do not realize how incredible this change is. Just to give you perspective, just by improving 10.5 percent is clinically significant… this patient improved by 52% in just 11 days!!!! Since then, this patient is still doing amazing and continues to see changes in her quality of life every single day. This case is just one of thousands of cases that has given a person their life back by utilizing Chiropractic Biophysics technique by changing posture and spinal structure long term and not just a quick crack of the back or neck that traditional chiropractic provides. There are two more cases that I will discuss quickly but before we get to that I want to touch on some other symptoms or conditions you might be experiencing that you may not know is coming from your spine and posture. With dysfunction in your upper and mid back you can experience conditions such as: Upper back pain and trapezius tightness. Pain between the shoulder blades and posterior shoulder pain. You can also experience Heart palpitations, High blood pressure, Racing heart beats, Heart murmurs and Anxiety. You could be experiencing Shortness of breath, asthma, wheezing, chronic bronchitis, chronic cough, rib pain on deep inhalation and expiration. We also know the nerves in your upper and mid-back can create issues like stomach ulcers, acid reflux, heart burn, indigestion, gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, nausea after eating, tired or irritable after night eating for a while, blood sugar dysregulation, kidney stones, gallstones, adrenal fatigue and even food sensitivities. If you experience any of these aforementioned issues you might want to consult a Chiropractor or a Chiropractic BioPhysics Doctor. Lastly with dysfunction of your lumbar spine aka your lower back you can suffer from things like: Low-back pain, Hip pain, hamstring tightness, iliotibial band tightness, tailbone pain, hip pain, leg pain, numbness and tingling in the legs, coldness in the feet, cramping in legs or feet, weakness in legs or feet, loss of patellar and Achilles reflex, muscle pain and soreness, gait disturbances aka walking disturbances, Ulcerative Colitis, Chron’s Disease, poor gut microbiome, nutrient deficiency and malnutrition, poor sex drive, erectile disfunction, inability to become pregnant, heavy menstrual bleeding, heavy cramping, Since we just covered potential issues with a poor lumbar spine, I want to talk quickly about a woman that one of my colleagues Dr. David Bak and Dr. Curtis Fedorchuk helped in private practice utilizing Chiropractic BioPhysics technique. The case was titled “Resolution of Vulvodynia Following Chiropractic Care Using Chiropractic Biophysics and Diversified Techniques: A Case Report. Just to set the stage, for those who don’t know what Vulvodynia is, it literally translates into painful vagina. This was a 50-year old woman who had pain inside and outside of her vagina. She had been suffering with vaginal pain that radiated into her low back. This pain was going on for months and she had exhausted all medical treatments, she saw many specialists, and nobody could help her. It was at this time that her marriage was coming into question because her husband started to believe that she may be cheating on him with another man. Her marriage was being torn apart as her husband was at his wits end. It wasn’t until she visited Dr. Bak and Dr. Fedorchuk, that she finally found the reason as to why she was having vaginal pain. Turns out that through X-ray radiograph that her lumbar spine curve was far from normal and was causing inflammation of the nerves originating out of the low back that go to the vagina. To her astonishment, she couldn’t believe it was her spine this entire time that was causing her pelvic distress. Through Chiropractic Biophysics Analysis, Adjusting methods, Postural Exercises and Spinal Traction, this patient was able to get both her health back and her marriage back to where it deserved to be. The results from this study showed how Chiropractic care had a major benefit in not only decreasing symptoms but enhancing nerve function from the spine to major organs. This also goes to show that Chiropractic BioPhysics technique has high inter-examiner reliability. This means that through the ideal spinal model and using CBP method of analysis, Doctors can successfully achieve the same results with patients if they stick to CBP concepts and methods. So next time you have organ pain and any form musculoskeletal pain, think about your spine health first because that is the origin of most conditions we suffer with today. I want to leave you with one more study that I helped write. This case was done by Dr. David Bak and was handed to me to write up for my senior research project. This case was really fun to write up as it involved increasing athletic performance by addressing human biomechanics utilizing Chiropractic Biophysics technique. The paper was titled Improved Quality of Life and Athletic Performance Following Chiropractic Care Using Chiropractic BioPhysics Protocol. The case involved a 36-year-old male athlete who was previously involved in a motor vehicle accident and presented to the office with low back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain with concurrent headaches. This patient was a big-time cross-fit athlete and lifted some heavy weight before entering the office. His deadlift was approximately 430 pounds, his squat was approximately 400 pounds and his bench press was approximately 370 pounds before care. Before care he had a headache disability score of 62/100 which is severe headaches and had a neck disability index score of 34 which is moderate to severe pain and his back-disability index was 28 which is severe disability. The patient underwent Chiropractic Biophysics corrective care consisting of CBP mirror image traction, mirror image exercises and mirror image postural adjustments. The patient was seen 3x per week for approximately 3 months for a total of 38 visits. Now here is the most amazing part of this case. This alone will drive you to see a CBP doctor even if you don’t have pain. The patient was instructed to stop all heavy lifting for 3 months. He was not allowed to step foot inside a gym or lift anything at all.. again for 3 months. He was to dedicate his time to coming into the office 3x a week to work on his biomechanics, muscle strength and ligament rehabilitation. And after 3 months of strict chiropractic biophysics care, this patient increased his strength and performance by 50 pounds on his deadlift, bench press and squat… This was one of the most amazing things I’ve heard out of CBP care. Because again… this patient didn’t lift a single weight but after fixing his posture, fixing his spine, and fixing his biomechanics he was able to gain strength and performance. If that wasn’t already amazing enough, his headaches dropped to zero, his neck pain dropped to zero and his shoulder and back pain dropped to zero. Who would have thought that bringing the spine back to their ideal curvatures would decrease pain and increase quality of life? Yet, we have surgeons who want to cut on people and chiropractors who want to quote unquote heal people with their magic hands and energy-based techniques that have no scientific merit. Anyway.. I’ll get off my soapbox. I hope I brought some light to some misconceptions regarding traditional chiropractic care and chiropractic biophysics. Again, if you have had a bad experience with chiropractic care, go find a new chiropractor that suits your needs and interests. There are good and bad chiropractors just like there are good and bad medical doctors. If you are looking to take your care and quality of life to another level I will highly recommend seeking out a Chiropractic BioPhysics doctor in your area by going to idealspine.com/directory. You can put in your address and search any CBP doctor all the way within 500 miles of you. You can also search a city and see if there is a CBP doctor near that city or address. If you want my personal recommendation on who to see near you, please reach out to me and I will gladly direct you to a CBP doctor I trust and know personally. If you enjoyed today’s interview or if you are enjoying the hour-long episodes that I am doing packed with research and new advances in medicine I would be so appreciative if you left a review and rating and even share with your friends and family. I put a ton of time into making these episodes and it would mean a ton to me if you gave me some feedback. If you want to reach out to me personally I would love to help wherever I can!


Couch Talk: How Essential Oils Can Help Reduce Chronic Stress, Migraines & More! w/ Dr. Mariza Snyder

We all know what it feels like to be rundown, stressed, and on the brink of burnout. My guest, Dr. Mariza Snyder, a specialist in using essential oils for hormone health, shares today how and why you should be including them in your health care routine, including as a way to reduce stress. Like so many natural practitioners, Dr. Mariza had a youth plagued with headaches, weight issues, and hormonal imbalances she attributes to family legacy, or a “woman’s plight.” She knew that something had to change, so set out on a quest fuelled by nutritious food and daily exercise. When a friend recommended she try an essential oil blend to help protect her against illness, Dr. Mariza’s life changed. Learn what the magic blend was that kept Dr. Mariza from getting ill for 3 and a half years, after getting sick 5-7 times per year. See how prioritizing self-care and daily defense can have a positive impact on your hormonal health. And then discover how different essential oils can help with different aspects of your life: sleep problems, energy depletion, headaches, and menstrual migraines. Do you have too much stress in your life and not enough stress reduction techniques? Do you know how to implement natural remedies to help with common hormonal problems? How do you make time for you? In This Episode: How to learn to put yourself first How bringing self-care and establishing good boundaries affects your relationships How you can use essential oils to help you ground down How essential oils can help you manage your stress levels What instant energy is and how this oil blend will boost your mood How to figure out what oils you need at any given time What the best essential oils for sleep are What the “Menstrual Migraine” is and how essential oils can help with this Quotes: “As a Latina woman, I felt that my worth was predicated by how much I did for others. I had to really wrestle with that belief.(2:30) “Letting go of what’s not serving you, removing yourself or putting some hard lines between those healthy relationships, creating those boundaries really does free you up to be your best self and to have better-nourished relationships.” (4:45) “I always tell people that the orange blossom or the sweet orange or the wild orange - I dare you to stay mad after breathing that oil. Try! Try to stay upset, try to stay frustrated. That oil will shift you so quickly from a state of distress to a state of happiness like that!” (13:49)


Pregnancy Podcast: Migraines and Headaches

Many expecting mothers experience headaches and migraines during pregnancy whether or not they experienced migraines pre-pregnancy. If you did get migraines before you got pregnant you may find that pregnancy improves the severity or the frequency of your migraines. A migraine is like a headache on steroids. We do not know the exact causes of migraines and they are thought to occur with changes in neurochemicals, nerve pathways, and blood flow. This differs from a headache that is often caused by stress or tension, rather than physical changes in the brain. Migraines can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, you may also have your vision affected and see spots or even get blind spots in your vision, and you could have sensitivity to light, noise, or smells. Whether you are dealing with headaches or migraines, this can affect your sleep, mood, your nutrition intake, and overall quality of life. This episode covers diet and lifestyle changes to relieve headaches and migraines and talks about different medications and their safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Show notes: http://pregnancypodcast.com/episode116/ Thank you to Zahler for their support of this episode. Zahler makes a high quality prenatal vitamin that has the active form of folate, that I prefer after all of the research I have read on folic acid, plus it has omega 3s and DHA. This is the prenatal vitamin I take and the one I recommend. Zahler is offering an exclusive discount to listeners of the Pregnancy Podcast. To check out the vitamin and find out how you can save 25% when you buy a one month supply on Amazon go to http://pregnancypodcast.com/vitamin/ Thank you to Mommy Steps for their support of this episode. Mommy Steps makes insoles specifically for pregnancy. They have insoles for athletic shoes and ones for flats or boots. You can even heat them in your oven and mold them to your own foot to make you more comfortable and to prevent foot issues during pregnancy.


Keto Talk: Keto Raised Blood Sugar, Migraines, Amino Acid Supplements, Thrifty Gene, Essential Tremors

If you are interested in the low-carb, moderate protein, high-fat, ketogenic diet, then this is the podcast for you. We zero in exclusively on all the questions people have about how being in a state of nutritional ketosis and the effects it has on your health. There are a lot of myths about keto floating around out there and our two amazing cohosts are shooting them down one at a time. Keto Talk is cohosted by 10-year veteran health podcaster and international bestselling author Jimmy Moore from "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" and Arizona osteopath and certified bariatric physician Dr. Adam Nally from "Doc Muscles" who thoroughly share from their wealth of experience on the ketogenic lifestyle each and every Thursday. We love hearing from our fabulous Ketonian listeners with new questions--send an email to Jimmy at livinlowcarbman@charter.net. And if you're not already subscribed to the podcast on iTunes and listened to the past episodes, then you can do that and leave a review HERE. Listen in today as Jimmy and Adam continue answering YOUR questions about the ketogenic diet in Episode 42. KEEP KETO TALK ON AIR: MAKE A DONATION HERE Here’s what Jimmy and Adam talked about in Episode 42: - How can a low-carb, high-fat diet RAISE blood sugar? Since I got diagnosed six months ago I've tried fasting, only to stop when my blood sugar went way up. This book does a great job of explaining why, and why working through that is worth it and will lead to lower sugar levels later. It also does a great job of suggesting what changes to make to make fasting safer without having access to expensive lab tests. Continuing to supplement with bone broth should stabilize electrolytes with negligible effects on insulin levels. I do wish the book addressed those of us who get very insulin resistant on high fat diets. I've gone on low carb only to see my blood sugar numbers skyrocket. I switched to a fat fast only to see them keep climbing to exceed 300. I was craving rice and vegetables so I broke my fast with a big bowl and the next morning my blood sugar was down to 122. I know that there is some sort of genetic link to the 20% or so of diabetics that cannot tolerate high fat, but there is no information about that here at all. I personally feel best and my numbers are normal when I eat moderate protein, starches only in the form of vegetables, beans, and berries, and very low fat. The problem with this is when I "cheat" and eat something bad, my numbers go higher and higher than ever before each time. Is the answer to eat high fat with something starchy once a week? Or is the answer to fast longer than when my blood sugar hits 300? I've been experimenting on myself for months but I still can't seem to figure out how to reverse this. I wish the book was more comprehensive for people like me. Katy, left as a review of The Complete Guide To Fasting - A change in diet could help stop your migraines 1. What is the average blood glucose of someone eating a ketogenic diet? For people on a pure ketogenic diet, what is the average blood glucose supposed to be? Jimmy, I’ve heard you say yours runs around 100 when you’re eating keto. I wonder if anyone else has levels of 55-65 and feels great like me? And do you think that in days of old for people living in Northern climates, they would have kept such low BG levels in the winter months losing the weight they put on in the summer from eating carbohydrates that were more plentiful? Laura 2. Do you have to count free-form amino acid supplements into your total intake of protein? The reason I am contacting you is regarding the process of gluconeogenesis or converting protein to glucose and remaining in ketosis. My questions are as follows: - Does the body process free-form, amino acid supplements the same way as it processes amino acids provided in food? - If I’m following a ketogenic diet and taking free-form amino acid supplements, would I have to factor in the amino acid supplements as part of the total intake of protein (so as not to go over the prescribed limit) in order to stay in ketosis? Thank you in advance for your attention. I look forward to your reply. Sincerely, Dee Dee 3. If a pregnant woman eats keto, will that express epigenetic obesity genes in the baby forcing keto for life? I have been researching the topic of ketosis in pregnancy as I have been using it to control latent autoimmune diabetes and I want to continue through my pregnancy (I’m currently 2 months pregnant). I've listened to the many podcasts you have done on the topic and know it’s is generally safe for the mother and baby. However, my only concern is nobody seems to address the topic of epigenetics. I've been trawling through loads of research and blogs and reading about how ketosis metabolically mimics starvation, especially if ketone levels are high like mine with an average of 6.0 mmol. How do we know this does not send starvation signals to the fetus. Will the baby be forced to eat a ketogenic diet for life lest they suffer from obesity due to the thrifty gene being switched on? Thanks, Ruth KETO TALK MAILBOX Adam, thank you for your service to our country. My dad was career Air Force, my son-in-law is currently a special forces' officer in the Navy, and my son who is a senior in high school is planning on attending The Citadel! We are thankful for the men and women who selflessly protect and serve our country. And thank you guys so much for the excellent information in your podcast, websites, and books. I am a mom of 7 and have been keto-adapted for four months after following a Paleo diet for years. I have lost 20 pounds and am down to my ideal body weight with an average blood glucose level of 77-80 each day. I feel great! My question is for my 20 year old daughter. She is a college student majoring in culinary arts and business. She has been diagnosed with essential tremors which are affecting her ability to execute fine details in cake decorating, fine cutting skills, etc. She currently takes a women’s probiotic, True Calm, magnesium, krill oil, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, and liver capsules. These supplements are great, but I truly believe the keto lifestyle would greatly reduce or slow the progression of the tremors. Like most college students, she does not get enough sleep and has pressing deadlines and events to prepare for. Her recent blood work showed triglycerides at 120 and fasting glucose of 90. We have diabetes that run in our family also. My daughter has been drilled with the food pyramid in her nutrition classes, but I think she would be open to suggestions from an outside source (other than her mother!). If she were your daughter, what would you recommend?


Learn True Health: Clean Eating Kitchen, Recipes, PCOS, Autoimmune Disease, Eating Disorders, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, IBS, Migraines, Depression, Thyroid Cancer, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Carrie Forrest, Ashley James, Learn True Health

How many of you have heard of the Clean Eating Kitchen which teaches you how to make easy, healthy food? Yes, it is possible! My guest, Carrie Forrest focuses on Holistic living after going through a health crisis. And I’m excited that she’s sharing diet tips that can improve your health significantly. Unhealthy Childhood Carrie Forrest has gone through so many health battles — PCOS, autoimmune disease, eating disorders, panic attacks, anxiety, IBS, migraines, depression, and thyroid cancer. But that’s getting ahead of the story. Carrie Forrest shares that she was unhealthy the first 30 years of her life. She lived in California, grew up in the Midwest and ate a standard American diet. Her childhood was drinking sugary drinks and foods out of cans and boxes since processed foods started to take off in the early 80s. It was indeed a far cry from her Clean Eating Kitchen lifestyle. “I also had a very not stable childhood home, and I was moving a lot. There was also financial instability,” said Carrie Forrest. “I think I had some thyroid disease starting in my late 20s. The signs had icy hands and feet. I also had thick hair most of my life, and my hair got thin.” Growing Up Years Breastfeeding was also not popular when Carrie Forrest was born. Soon, it caught up to her during puberty years when the first signs that something was wrong appeared. It turned out that Carrie Forrest developed signs of PCOS in the late 80s. Carrie Forrest didn’t have a lot of weight issues. But she would often go to the dentist for cavities filling put in due to unhealthy food choices. Furthermore, she never had a regular menstrual cycle. During her college years, Carrie Forrest was put on birth control. But she still did not make the connection between starting oral contraception and food choices. To make things worse, about six months later, she had her first panic attack. Things went downhill from there. Cancer Diagnosis Around 2005, Carrie Forrest recalls that there was one time when her OB-Gyne felt her neck after Carrie Forrest complained about feeling fatigued. That was the first time a doctor had examined her thyroid. Her doctor did feel something in her neck and recommended that Carrie Forrest see an endocrinologist. After doing an ultrasound test, the doctor told Carrie Forrest that she would need thyroid hormones one day because her thyroid is scarred. At that point, Carrie Forrest started learning about nutrition and went on her way. Plus, there was also a lot of anger issues stemming from her childhood that Carrie Forrest needed to work through. “The doctors were trying their best. It’s not like they were hiding something from me. There are many ways the doctors of today could do a lot more to be educated because the information is out there,” said Carrie Forrest. She added, “I have a degree in Public Health Nutrition. And that’s like a mainstream degree where we look at studies that back up a theory. The scientific studies probably haven’t caught up. And so mainstream medicine continues to look at the older evidence.” Life-changing Moment Carrie Forrest says that watching the movie Super-size Me made her realize that things had to change. But apparently, the concept for Clean Eating Kitchen originated from skimming through her grandmother’s cookbooks. The cookbooks of Carrie Forrest’s grandmother was full of recipes that used processed foods. Carrie Forrest then realized that she was the third generation of society that has been fed processed foods. “I was in my late 30s when I needed thyroid surgery. It was in 2012 when I went for a check-up via ultrasound. I thought I was doing everything right. But it turns out I could have had the beginnings of cancer way back in the 80s because of eating processed foods,” Carrie Forrest said. Surviving Cancer Carrie Forrest is now cancer-free. The standard medical procedure for treating her type of cancer was to remove the whole thyroid. She regularly does blood work to keep her health in check, but she also had to change her diet. Taking thyroid replacement hormones is needed for those recovering from thyroid disease. Carrie Forrest’s challenge was to figure out the right dosage. “I had the Hashimoto’s Thyroid disease which isn’t autoimmune disease. But I didn’t take it seriously. When I had my thyroid removed, it wasn’t until a few more years when I started seeing a functional medicine physician,” said Carrie Forrest. She adds, “I had Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease for a good 10 to 15 years before I developed cancer in my thyroid. My body had been producing antibodies that whole time.” Changing Diets Since Carrie Forrest needed a healthier diet, she discovered that becoming dairy-free and gluten-free is less inflammatory for her. But because she craved animal protein, she switched from a vegan diet to a paleo diet. This reminds me of the interview I did with Dr. Mark Hyman wherein he adopted a “pegan” diet, combining some elements from the paleo and vegan diets. But still, the amount of meat remains lower than the standard diet, and the meat is grass-fed. It has been 7 or 8 years that Carrie Forrest is dairy and gluten free. And she has seen a considerable difference. One of the significant improvement is that her body’s antibody levels went down. Carrie Forrest however, says traveling is challenging. Because not all places have a wide range of healthy food choices. She also recommends keeping a journal to note down food choices. Another a huge component is also dealing with emotional stress and anger. In this regard, doing yoga can work wonders. Carrie Forrest also mentions that she underwent a program at the University of San Francisco called Emotional Brain Training. It involved the idea of neuroscience and journaling your thoughts, and that helped her heal. “Learn to express. Addressing anger or emotions heals. There are emotional roots in every health condition. So, tapping into those feelings are significant. Also, work with a professional,” recommends Carrie Forrest. Clean Eating Kitchen Website Carrie Forrest’s Clean Eating Kitchen website is such a delight! It’s full of tips and recipes that are healthy for you. To further encourage people to embrace healthy eating, Clean Eating Kitchen involves only three to five ingredients. Healthy eating becomes fun, easy and nutritious. “The recipes are all gluten and dairy free. I like to make it simple. Smoothies are perfect for breakfast, and that’s where I like to add more healthy ingredients,” said Carrie Forrest. “I also noted that a lot of people are budget-conscious so my recipes have seasonal ingredients but a lot of it is vegan.” From her website, you’ll also find a link to her Clean Eating Kitchen podcast. There’s a link to her podcast episode to teach you how you can make easy and delicious vegetable dishes that kids will surely love. So make sure to check that out! Bio Carrie Forrest is the creator of the blog, Clean Eating Kitchen, where she shares gluten- and dairy-free recipes and resources. Carrie is also the host of the Clean Eating for Women podcast, designed to inspire women to take control over their health, with a focus on holistic health. Carrie Forrest has Master’s degrees in both business administration (University of Southern California) and public health nutrition (University of Massachusetts, Amherst). More importantly, Carrie is a woman who has used real food and a balanced lifestyle to manage a variety of health conditions, including PCOS, autoimmune disease, eating disorders, panic attacks, IBS, chronic migraines, and depression. Carrie is also a survivor of thyroid cancer since 2012.


Learn True Health: Green Smoothie Girl, Healing Frequency Foods, Curing Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Migraines, Stroke, Anxiety, depression, Asthma and Failure To Thrive with Whole Foods and Raising Your Vibration, Robyn Openshaw

High Vibration Foods To Achieve Optimal Health High vibration foods may sound new to some people, but you'll be amazed how it tweaks our body to an optimal level. While many are obsessed with the calories in our diet, my guest today, Robyn Openshaw debunks that long-time diet myth. Apparently, high vibration foods can affect our health on a cellular, emotional and spiritual level. Sickly Past Robyn Openshaw initially stumbled on discovering the awesome effects of high vibration foods through green smoothies. This was when she was on a mission searching for a cure for her son's asthma. Aside from her son's health situation, Robyn Openshaw had a more shocking health past. Before the birth of her first child, Robyn Openshaw went through five years of infertility. Add on to that; she had a total of 21 diagnosed diseases! Despite being an athlete during her younger years, she found herself obese in her late 20s. She took a lot of medication daily. Robyn Openshaw was miserable. However, she took the bull by its horns and decided to do something to change her and her family's life. Turning To Green Smoothies Bent on taking her son and herself off medication, Robyn Openshaw extensively researched on the healthiest method possible. The first thing she did was to eliminate processed foods, dairy, and sugar. In hindsight, Robyn Openshaw discovered that diet does make a difference. Next thing she did was to experiment on blending organic vegetables. One day, her then one-year-old son was curious enough to try a glass of green smoothie. Surprisingly, he liked it! Hence, green smoothies became a staple in Robyn Openshaw's family. Greatest Inspiration Robyn Openshaw says her biggest inspiration is her grandmother who beat cancer by being entirely plant-based. Initially diagnosed with metastatic stage 3c melanoma, doctors told her she only had a year to live. Her grandmother drank so much carrot juice as part of her diet of high vibration foods. She went on to live for another 25 years and was there when all four of Robyn Openshaw's babies were born. On the other hand, Robyn Openshaw's uncle who was likewise diagnosed with cancer did not have the same fate. Opting for radiation and chemotherapy, Robyn Openshaw's uncle died 18 months after his diagnosis. Understanding Food Frequencies High vibration foods is not a new science. Robyn Openshaw says studies touched on the idea decades ago, but no one took it seriously then. Fortunately, since juicing and smoothies have become popular, more people now believe in the benefits of digesting high vibration foods. "Einstein's way of thinking has permeated so many parts of life these days. He said everything about life is vibration," said Robyn Openshaw. "If you want the secret of the universe, think about energy, frequency, and vibration." Furthermore, Robyn Openshaw says we are evaluating our food with some dated concept. For example, the whole idea of calories was invented 170 years ago. According to Robyn Openshaw, the only thing counting calories is good for is standardizing packaged food. It has nothing to do whether we are healthy or not. High Vibration Foods List Thanks to the concept of Quantum Physics, it has been proven that we can measure the frequency of food and human in Hertz. Apparently, a disease cannot live in a body that is in a state of high frequency. According to Robyn Openshaw, 50 to 55 Hertz puts you on the sick level. Ideally, a healthy person should have a frequency of 62 to 68 Hertz. On the other hand, people on their deathbed have frequencies as low as 25 Hertz. "We could eat foods that are higher than us in Hertz. It could raise the frequency or vibration of the body," Robyn Openshaw said. Robyn Openshaw has a list of high vibration foods and guess what? She's giving it to Learn True Health listeners for free! So to those who wish to download the list, you may link to www.learntruhealth.com/vibelist. Effects of Digesting High Vibration Foods Robyn Openshaw says that when we look at the vibrational frequency of our food, the substance of a higher frequency can cause the substance of a lower frequency to increase. The reverse of that is true as well. Essentially, digesting high vibration foods has an incredible application for what we're using to medicate ourselves with. It has powerful implications for the food that we are choosing to eat. "What's on the back of your food packages doesn't have anything to do whether you're going to be disease-proof or prone to disease," explains Robyn Openshaw. "When things are going well, you can handle some setbacks. It's not about eating perfectly, but rather it's about having enough healthy consistent habits in your life." Link Between Foods And Our Moods Part of Robyn Openshaw's wellness program is teaching people how to detox, ground and charge food to metabolize your emotions. This she says, helps bring you to a higher vibration state. Part of the research that Robyn Openshaw is currently into is understanding the correlation between food and our moods. Apparently, food plays a big part whenever we experience emotions or mood swings. A low vibrating life would be people who always replay wrongs that other people do rather than releasing those emotions. Theoretically, letting go of old wounds is one of the more powerful ways to be healthy. "There's so much that we do when it comes to metabolizing our emotions leading to a disease-proof state," said Robyn Openshaw. "Ten hertz of energy spells a big difference between health and sickness." Furthermore, Robyn Openshaw says that whenever we choose the higher frequency emotions, we are attracting better things. This also applies during the times when we quickly metabolize the negative events and emotions in our lives. "We are always attracting and repelling," said Robyn Openshaw. "When you are a high vibration person, you find more flow in your life. You find that you're choosing between a bunch of good opportunities." Furthermore, Robyn Openshaw says that people who are peaceful, forgive easily, and do not live in negative emotions, don't die of heart disease and cancer. Consequently, they have high rates of what medicine would call spontaneous remission. Continuous Research Robyn Openshaw is currently working with Beverly Rubeck, another scientist. Together, they are studying the measurement of vibrational frequency by using a bioplatonic scanner as well as bioplatonic emissions. These emissions are the weak light emitted from foods. Their research will hopefully show what exactly happens to a person after eating certain kinds of foods. "We are electrical beings. And that's why we need to drink water," said Robyn Openshaw. "We need conductivity and not only cleansing." Book Author Robyn Openshaw is an author of a whopping 15 books! Her latest book, Vibe: Discover Your Energetic Frequency for Health, Love & Success is coming out in October 2017. And speaking about the book launch, do we have a treat for all you Learn True Heath Seekers!

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