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CIRS / Mold illness


If you google Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), chances are you'll find lots of links to “mold allergy.” Before you go too deep down that rabbit hole, let’s make one thing clear: CIRS is waaaay more complicated than a mold allergy! In fact, it's a multi‐symptom, systemic chronic condition caused by exposure to toxins in the environment, including those in household and beauty products, industrial chemicals, food, parasites, and, of course, mold. Signs of CIRS include fatigue, weakness, flu-like symptoms, exhaustion, insomnia, respiratory distress, and general sensitivity to things like smell and light, all with different levels of severity. If you're researching CIRS on your own, you might feel overwhelmed to learn that your symptoms overlap with or mimic those of other conditions, including Lyme, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and many autoimmune disorders. And if you have CIRS, you may be dealing with other illnesses as well. If you've tried to get diagnosed, you've probably learned that some in the medical community—and maybe even your friends and family—question whether CIRS is a real condition. Here’s your answer: it is! Studies show that chronic mold exposure leads to changes in the immune system and inflammatory response, and people with CIRS are often sensitive to other toxins as well. Many integrative practitioners think we're all being affected by toxins to some degree, and CIRS may actually be much more widespread than we think. General recommendations for dealing with CIRS symptoms include avoiding toxins and building up your strength and immunity with a healthy lifestyle. That's good advice for most of us who aim to level up our health, but it’s generally not enough to knock out CIRS. Toxins are often invisible and almost impossible to totally avoid. That's why many turn to multi-step integrative therapies like the Shoemaker protocol, among others, to address the root cause of their condition. This approach includes a binding agent like cholestyramine (CSM), which attracts and binds negatively charged biotoxins so they can be eliminated from the body. Whatever approach you take, it's important that you seek some kind of treatment. CIRS can be life-altering and really tough to manage, especially if friends, family, or colleagues don’t quite get what you’re dealing with on a daily basis. Stay in close touch with your WanaFam if you’re dealing with this isolating and misunderstood condition. They can share treatments that have worked for them, or practitioners who have helped them. Most of all, they’ve got your back!

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Surviving Mold: Life in the Era of Dangerous Buildings

For decades the medical community has either ignored, or been ignorant of, the threat posed by toxic mold to human health. Sometimes referred to as 'sick-building syndrome,' often mis-diagnosed as any one of a number of chronic and incurable conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, depression, learning disabilities, or endometriosis, the effects of mold form neurotoxins on human beings have long been poorly understood and thought unworthy of serious study. But this same toxic mold infests our homes and buildings at an alarming, perhaps even epidemic, rate -- and so many of the 'untreatable' conditions that physicians are ill-equipped to diagnose and treat are the result of the neurotoxins released by these ubiquitous organisms. Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker has been the leader in the field of research into the effects of toxic mold on the human body, with hundreds of success stories in the treatment -- and even complete eradication -- of the chronic conditions that have been puzzling so many doctors the world over. In Surviving Mold, Dr. Shoemaker shares his latest findings and offers hope to those who have been continually let down by the medical community. Containing Dr. Shoemaker's cutting-edge research into the effects of chronic neurotoxins, Surviving Mold also exams in-depth the root causes of the growth of dangerous mold forms in buildings and homes. Inadequate maintenance, poorly thought-out design, and failure to understand the relationship between the internal environment and the promotion of harmful organisms are at the root of the problem of sick-building syndrome. Water damage and internal moisture from incorrectly installed roofs and windows or leaking plumbing, are all-too frequently the cause of the growth of toxic mold. And if these problems do not occur in your home, perhaps they can be found in your place of work, or in your child's school -- environments completely out of your control, but dangerous to the health of you and your loved ones nonetheless. Surviving Mold gives the real science behind the scary headlines, and offers strategies for identifying and rectifying the dangers of indoor toxic mold growth, as well as suggestions for alleviating the debilitating effects of exposure to the chronic neurotoxins produced by mold.


TOX-SICK: From Toxic to Not Sick

Pioneering health and wellness advocate, Suzanne Somers, delivers a powerful answer in this expose on the immediate and long-term dangers of living in a world that has become increasingly toxic to our health. The build-up of toxins in our bodies can lead to myriad health concerns — including weight gain, food allergies, brain disorders, cancer, among many others. Moved to investigate by her own family’s plight, Suzanne sits down with environmental doctors and specialists who share eye-opening information and practical advice for how to survive, thrive, and stay healthy today. In Tox-Sick you’ll learn how to effectively detox all your body’s systems and the different survival skills that can save your life, from top experts in the field, including: • Dr. Sherry Rogers, an environmental doctor for over 40 years, shares the truth about detoxification—and where you will likely be if you don’t take it seriously. • Dr. Nicholas Gonzales shares where cancer comes from and how to manage it by detoxifying the liver and supplementing with enzymes. • Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker alerts you to mold toxicity, the newest threat to your brain and wellbeing…and just what to do to fight for your health. • Dr. Walter Crinnion teaches what everyday objects to avoid and the simple diet and lifestyle shifts to clean up your health and home in mere weeks! • Dr. Stephen Sinatra, America’s leading integrative cardiologist, explains that we have been approaching heart disease all wrong: a healthy gut, detoxed body, and quality fats are each crucial and cardioprotective. • Dr. Gary Gordon shares new protocols for removing toxic lead from the body, as well as ways to keep the most important gland in your body, the thyroid, clean and healthy. From diet and supplement advice to coconut oil cleanses, everything you need to live clean and enjoy great health is in your hands.


Toxic: Heal Your Body from Mold Toxicity, Lyme Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, and Chronic Environmental Illness

Millions of people are suffering from chronic illnesses that, unbeknownst to them, are the result of exposure to environmental toxins and infectious agents such as mold and Borrelia, which causes Lyme disease. Millions. Because the symptoms of these illnesses are so varied and unusual, many of these individuals have sought medical care only to be dismissed, as if what they are experiencing is "in their head." Many (if not most) have tried to tough it out and continue to function without hope of improvement. Unfortunately, their illnesses are very real. Toxic is a book of hope for these individuals, their loved ones, and the physicians who provide their care. Over many years of helping thousands of patients recover their health (even after their previous doctors had given up on them), Dr. Neil Nathan has come to understand some of the most common causes for these debilitating illnesses, which allows for the utilization of more precise and effective forms of treatment. The goal of this book is to shed light on these complex illnesses so that suffering patients and their families can get the help they so desperately need. Inside, you will find: Information about how extreme sensitivity and toxicity develop in the body, how sensitivity and toxicity differ, and how they often overlap. Detailed descriptions of each of the five major causes of extreme sensitivity and toxicity: mold, Bartonella (a co-infection of Lyme disease), mast cell activation, porphyria, and carbon monoxide poisoning. An outline of the cell danger response, a revolutionary model developed by Dr. Robert Naviaux that explains how the body essentially gets "stuck" fighting a threat even after the danger has passed. A system-by-system plan for "rebooting" the body to break the cycle of illness and allow healing to begin. Information about coping with stress and embracing an emotional and/or spiritual awakening on the path to wellness.

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