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Even if you don’t know what psoriasis is, we bet you’ve seen commercials advertising a drug to treat it. Those commercials are everywhere! No surprise, but ad spots usually don’t give you the full picture of a condition, so here’s the scoop: psoriasis is an autoimmune condition where your immune system thinks your skin cells are a pathogen. Essentially, your immune system turns against your own skin. As a result, you end up with itchy, sometimes painful (and often silvery-white) scales and red patches on the surface of your skin. You may have other symptoms too, including pitted or ridged nails, joint pain, and GI distress. Diagnosis is pretty straightforward, and usually involves your history and a physical exam. There is no cure for psoriasis, but there's good news: it is not—repeat not—contagious, and your symptoms can be really manageable. A good place to start your self-care? Reduce stress. Studies show that emotional stress influences the development of psoriasis, as well as how often and intensely it flares up. Up to 78% of people with psoriasis say stress affects their condition, so join the “stress-less” club by practicing deep breathing, yoga, meditation, or whatever works for you. The goal of treatment is to reduce inflammation and clear up your skin. Your practitioner may recommend topicals (like corticosteroids) or systemic medications such as immunosuppressants and biologics (yup, that’s what the commercials are about!). There’s lots of evidence supporting natural remedies for psoriasis, including omega-3s, tree tar ointments, topical herbs, and dips in the super-salty Dead Sea. Visiting (or moving) to a climate that’s more favorable for healing is known as climatotherapy, so go ahead and book that trip to Israel! If you want to try treatments a little closer to home, the herb Mahonia aquifolium is one go-to remedy to try. Studies show this plant has an antiproliferative effect, meaning it can slow down the overgrowth of skin cells. It also contains berberine, which might help suppress inflammation. Indigo naturalis, also known as qing dai, is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine used for treating skin conditions, including psoriasis. Aloe and propolis, in ointment form, can improve symptoms, as can many other natural treatments. And don't forget #celeryjuice! Some people swear that drinking this on-trend remedy makes them feel amazing, and may even help with psoriasis. In addition to these treatments, you might consider light therapy, or phototherapy, which involves repeatedly exposing the skin to ultraviolet light in order to slow cell growth. Try buying yourself a UV lamp and see if exposure clears up some of your symptoms. (Check with your practitioner first, because while this method is safe for most people, it’s not for everyone!) Because studies have found a link between psoriasis and gluten sensitivity, you can also experiment with reducing gluten in your diet, or even going gluten-free, to see if that helps your symptoms. As you’ve probably guessed, there’s no one-size-fits-all treatment for psoriasis, but there are lots of low-cost, safe treatments you can try on your own, or in partnership with a practitioner. So, if one option does nothing for you, you have a whole list of potential remedies to look to next!

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Medical Medium Liver Rescue: Answers to Eczema, Psoriasis, Diabetes, Strep, Acne, Gout, Bloating, Gallstones, Adrenal Stress, Fatigue, Fatty Liver, Weight Issues, SIBO & Autoimmune Disease

The #1 New York Times best-selling author and beloved healing authority reveals how taking your liver off overload can help resolve a wide range of symptoms and conditions--and transform your health in ways you've never imagined. What if you could focus on one aspect of your well-being to transform all the others--and at the same time prevent health problems you didn't even know were lurking beneath the surface? In today's world, we have no idea how many symptoms, conditions, and diseases are rooted in an overloaded liver. It's not only about liver cancer, cirrhosis, and hepatitis. Nearly every challenge--from pesky general health complaints to digestive issues to emotional struggles to weight gain to high blood pressure to heart problems to brain fog to skin conditions to autoimmune and other chronic illnesses--has an origin in an overloaded liver and can improve and heal when you harness the force of this humble organ. Medical Medium Liver Rescue offers the answers you should have had all along. With his signature compassion, Anthony William, the Medical Medium, shares unparalleled insights into undiscovered functions of our life-saving livers, explains what's behind dozens of health issues that hold us back, and offers detailed guidance on how to move forward so we can live our best lives. Find out for yourself what liver rescue is all about: being clearer-headed, more peaceful, happier, and better able to adapt to our fast-changing times. Learn how to sleep well, balance blood sugar, lower blood pressure, lose weight, and look and feel younger. A healthy liver is the ultimate de-stressor, anti-aging ally, and safeguard against a threatening world--if we give it the right support.


Psoriasis: Free and Clear: Using Food And Positive Energy To Heal Your Skin

Do you have psoriasis? Are you afraid it will never go away? This book is a hands-on guide that could help you clear your skin of psoriasis and/or find peace with your situation. After 23 years of focused research, experimentation, schooling and study, Marjy Berkman discovered how to clear her skin of psoriasis! She also overcame many other skin ailments through nutritional and lifestyle changes. Marjy is a certified clinical herbalist and certified nutritionist with over 15 years of experience consulting with people concerning health and wellness. Psoriasis Free and Clear will tell her story, how she cleared her skin, and offer many tools, tips, practices and recipes, to expedite the healing of psoriasis. In this book you will discover: * Nutritional and Supplement Guides to see what worked for Marjy to clear her skin and find inner peace. * 4 daily practices to live by to support Emotional Healing. * 8 powerful Empowerment Tools to take with you each and every day. A skin expert, Marjy understands the difficulty, struggles, and often despair when you have a skin disease. From the book: "Psoriasis: Free and Clear is not only about psoriasis and the steps you can take to help clear your skin but also about the massive potential that we have as humans to transform our lives. It is about how to thrive through excellent nutrition and connection to the spirit within. If you have psoriasis, this book can change your whole viewpoint of this disease and why it is in your life."

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