A community member is making me feel uncomfortable on the Wana App. What should I do?

We want everyone to feel welcomed, safe, and included on the Wana app, and we want it to be a positive experience for all members—you included!

If you see someone posting inappropriate content or if someone is sending you unacceptable DMs, please take the following action:

  1. Report the content to Wana’s Community Management team through the “report” feature
  2. When appropriate, block the community member using the “block” feature
  3. Send WanaMama (Wana’s Community Manager) for support when needed
    We know that mistakes happen, so the Wana App has a three-strike warning system. If someone’s content is reported by fellow Wana members three times, you will be removed from the app.

We also want community members to have agency over their own experience on Wana, so we encourage users who feel uncomfortable to use the “blocking” feature to ensure safety and a customized experience on Wana. We also want to ensure that the inappropriate user is aware of how their actions make other community members feel, which is why also encourage uncomfortable users to utilize the “report user” feature. This community is as good as you make it!

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