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Press Release | Wana Unveils COVID-19 Resources: Online communities are more important than ever before during social distancing. If you’re feeling alone or isolated, it’s important to remember we’re all in this together—we are not alone

Women's Health: Joining An Online Support Group For My Chronic Condition Totally Changed My Outlook

Highway to Hell: Evan Golub was a seemingly healthy 29-year-old until he woke up one day with a crazy case of vertigo, and four years and 30+ practitioners later he still had no diagnosis.

Get Real & Stay True: If you or someone you love has been suffering chronic symptoms that have gone long undiagnosed or even misdiagnosed… then do we have the episode for you!

Lyme Ninja Radio: In this episode you will learn three things:

  1. What makes people with Lyme Disease want to help others.
  2. Why setting up a support network is crucial to healing.
  3. How sharing your experience and take years off of someone’s suffering.

Billboard Magazine: Justin Bieber's Lyme Disease: An Expert Shares Potential Good News, Possible Complications

Thrive Global: Social Impact Heroes: How Nicole Krinick and Evan Golub of Wana are helping people with chronic and invisible conditions to find what will help them get well

Beating Chronic Illness: Through Nicole's amazing healing journey you will discover how she reduced and treated her Lyme disease symptoms naturally. What she did on the way and how she deals with it today Wana App Is A Community For People With Chronic Illness

Chronically Healing: The Importance of a Healing Community with Nicole Krinick of Wana

Spoonie Radio: Ever thought to crowd source your chronic condition? In episode 17, I sit down with Evan Golub & Nicole Krinick, founders of WANA

Made Visible: In 2017, after four years of misdiagnoses by 30 practitioners, Evan Golub was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease

Forbes: Leaving Wall Street Behind... Wana

Healing on Empty: Welcome to the Healing on Empty podcast Episode 10: Join Wana with Billy Abajian Director of Strategy

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