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Oh, anxiety, our old friend. Occasional worries, fear, stress—even when you feel a bit overwhelmed by them—are normal for us all. But if anxiety is always showing up uninvited, making you worry yourself sick, cancel plans, and lose sleep—that’s when it may be an anxiety disorder. If that describes you, you’re definitely not alone: generalized anxiety disorder affects a whopping 40 million people—about 3% of the population—in the U.S., and it seems to be on the rise, along with other mental health challenges. It can cause everything from nightmares and panic attacks to racing thoughts, and while it’s a pretty common predicament, it's never fun to deal with! So many things (so. many. things.) can contribute to anxiety, from scrolling social media to being exposed to environmental pollution. It’s more common for anxiety to go hand in hand with conditions like thyroid problems, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), or IBS, but it can also pop up as its own issue because you're worrying about your life and future. (That can be kind of a given when you’re dealing with a chronic illness diagnosis, right?) Fortunately, though, there are lots of different ways to manage anxiety and quiet those pesky, nagging thoughts. Natural remedies like omega-3s, passionflower, kava, magnesium, and other herbs can be helpful. Yoga, and anything that helps you manage stress, might also provide much-needed relief. You can also look to social support (oh hey, WanaFam), and therapy to help you feel better. Remember, there’s no shame in having anxiety. You’re in good company, and you can discover so much support by sharing your experience with others.

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