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Blurry vision


Hey…is that supposed to look like that? Blurry vision can make you feel like you’re looking at life through a cloud of fog. Suddenly, it’s hard to read traffic signs, your peripheral vision is limited, and you might have double vision, too. Not surprisingly, not seeing clearly can also make you feel nauseated—it’s pretty disorienting for your body and your mind! Blurry vision has many, many different causes. It can be linked to eye strain, eye diseases, migraine, diabetes, and chronic fatigue syndrome—and that’s just the short list. Blurry vision can also be due to inflammation in the cranial nerves or other issues that aren’t related to the actual eyesight. If life feels a little blurry, an eye exam or a visit to a functional medicine practitioner is the first step towards finding a solution. Once you know the root cause of the problem, the symptom becomes way easier to treat. And the solution may be simple: you need glasses! Even when you have a more complex underlying disorder, corrective lenses may also be recommended to help improve your vision.

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