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Dents or pits in nails


They say eyes are the window of the soul; we'll go out on a limb and say nails are a window on your body. Yep, your nails can tell you a *lot* about your health. It’s not uncommon to have white spots or dots on your nails, and in some cases, this is totally harmless. You might have knocked your nail on something and not even noticed, which happens more often than you might think! Lots of people believe that white spots, dots, or nail dents are a sign of a zinc or calcium deficiency, but that's actually a common misconception. So, what else could it be? Thick or pitted nails can be a symptom of psoriasis, a skin condition linked to the immune system. Dents or ridges, if not caused by simple trauma, can also signal diabetes or other systemic illnesses. Brittle nails may improve with biotin supplements. If you look at your nails and notice something looks different, it’s worth checking in with your practitioner to see what they think. If you wear nail polish, when you take it off, try to remember to look at your nails. It’s kind of incredible that they can convey so much information!

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