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Depersonalization / Feeling detached from yourself


You feel off and detached, kind of like you’re looking in on your life from the outside. You might feel a little bit numb, and you don’t get excited about things as easily. In fact, your whole sense of self feels like it’s gone out the window, and all that’s left is a cloud of brain fog! Whew…it’s a lot to process. There’s actually a name for this feeling: it’s known as depersonalization. Lots of people have a passing sensation of depersonalization, and this is totally normal, especially if it happens after a crisis or personal loss. It only becomes a problem when that feeling comes back again and again, never goes away, or you feel so out of it that you can't live a normal life. Women are about twice as likely to experience depersonalization as men, most often between ages 15 and 30. If you use certain recreational drugs (especially cannabis, hallucinogens, or ketamine), depersonalization can sometimes be a side effect. The first thing to know is this: you are still you, and what you’re experiencing is just a symptom, possibly linked to depersonalization-derealization disorder. As episodes associated with this disorder can be triggered by stress, it’s not uncommon for people with invisible illness to go through this. And—big emphasis here—it's really important not to isolate yourself. Find a qualified therapist who gets you and look to them for guidance. Psychotherapy, aka talk therapy, is the main treatment. On your own, see if practicing meditation or relaxation techniques help. And by all means, rely on social support (like your WanaFam), stay busy, and don't think you have to manage this alone!

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