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You might be sitting on a park bench or listening to a presentation at work…and while your body is there, your mind isn’t. It’s not the same as daydreaming, because you can’t just snap out of it. In addition to this weird, “detached from your surroundings” sort of sensation, your perception of everything may also be distorted, with the size, shape, and location of objects seeming “off.” Your surroundings might feel blurry, colorless, fake, or even two-dimensional. There’s a name for this: derealization. It’s normal to experience derealization now and again, especially if you're exhausted physically or emotionally, so don’t stress about an occasional episode! If it’s frequent and recurring, though, you might be experiencing depersonalization-derealization disorder. While this disorder isn’t fully understood yet, it’s thought to be linked to high levels of stress. And let’s be real: we all know that invisible illness is stressful and isolating, so if you’re experiencing this symptom, make sure you speak up. Some of the best medicine is breaking the sense of isolation by relying on social support. We promise that there is a Wana member who will understand what you’re going through, and a licensed therapist can definitely help too! Find a qualified therapist who gets you and look to them for guidance. Psychotherapy, aka talk therapy, is the main treatment. Other options may include EMDR or meditation and relaxation techniques.

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