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Difficulty standing


Some days, just standing up and walking around can feel like a pretty big project, especially if you are dealing with an autoimmune condition. Lyme, for example, causes fatigue and general musculoskeletal decline. You might experience a sudden loss of balance, or just feel generally unsteady on your feet. Difficulty standing up can also be linked to a condition called postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (aka POTS). This syndrome, which is common in the invisible illness community, affects blood flow and causes lightheadedness when you stand up or stand in one position for a long time. If your standing issues are related to a larger health problem, upping your fitness game probably isn’t the first thing on your to-do list. But hear us out: certain exercises can really help with standing ability. If muscle weakness is to blame, exercising to build your core strength and flexibility may help. Improving your posture is also key! Here's a move you can do anywhere, anytime: While seated, try to keep your lower back curved inward, your shoulders back and over your hips, and your neck in a comfortable upright position (not bent forward). If your difficulty standing is linked to issues with balance, try doing gentle balance exercises and checking in with your practitioner to see if low blood pressure is to blame. The inner ear’s vestibular system can sometimes be involved in making your world spin, too. You could have a type of vertigo called benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) that’s caused by displaced calcium crystals inside the inner ear. Fortunately, a series of movements called the Epley maneuver can reposition the crystals and remedy BPPV—and you can even do it at home! No matter the root cause, we know this is a really tough symptom. It sometimes forces you to rely on others for help, which can be hard! Always remember: you are not alone, and while it may be tough right now, you won’t always feel this way. In the meantime, stay uber-hydrated and well nourished, and cut way back on anything that makes you shaky or dizzy. A lot of times, that means nixing caffeine and alcohol. That might be hard at first, but it’s worth it!

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