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Double vision


Suddenly seeing double? Double vision causes you to see a double image where there should only be one. The two images can be side by side, on top of one another, or both, and you can have double vision in one eye or both. It can be pretty freaky to know that your eyes are playing tricks on you, but double vision, also called diplopia, is a recognized symptom of Lyme and other conditions. As many Lymies know, Lyme bacteria and co-infections can wreak havoc anywhere in the body—and that includes the sight pathways. In addition, there are other chronic conditions, like multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and Graves’ disease, that can cause double vision so it’s important to talk to your practitioner and uncover the cause. Just remember, while this double-trouble symptom can catch you off guard, it’s often temporary. By treating the underlying condition, you can typically reduce the effects of your double vision, too. So, bottom line: don’t stress, but see your practitioner to help discover what’s going on. If you’re worried about getting to your appointment (because, you know, double vision), have a friend take you. And don’t feel bad about asking for help: if your friend also happens to manage an invisible condition, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be able to return the favor at some point!

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