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EMF sensitivity


It’s kind of crazy to think that Wi-Fi could be making us sick, right? But all those electromagnetic frequencies buzzing through the air contain radiation, and there’s concern that it can damage your central nervous system and immune system (as if they’re not under enough strain, right?). Studies, observations, and anecdotal evidence show links between EMF exposure and many of the symptoms reported by people with invisible illnesses, but whether EMF is the cause remains controversial. (The World Health Organization, while acknowledging that people’s symptoms are real, could find no scientific evidence that EMF is the culprit behind so-called electromagnetic hypersensitivity.) Meanwhile, new wireless products are being introduced all the time, and no one really knows how they'll affect our health! As our world gets more and more connected via the interwebs, Wi-Fi continues to be the glue for all of it, which means this issue isn’t going away anytime soon. Here’s the essence of the problem: For those who are sensitive, EMFs seems to bring on a whole host of symptoms, including nausea, sleep disturbances, irritability, headaches, depression, loss of appetite, and brain fog. We get it—it’s really hard to stay away from EMFs while living in the modern world, especially because you can't even see or hear them! Luckily, there are things you can try to feel better. Reducing your exposure is the most effective strategy, so turn off Wi-Fi on your phone and the router in your home or apartment while you’re sleeping. It can make a huge difference! You can also try cognitive-behavioral therapy, screen shields, or acupuncture. Some people say herbal formulas and supplements can also help reduce symptoms, but don't just buy a bunch and start self-dosing—these products can be potent and expensive! An integrative practitioner with experience with EMF can help you find the exact right brand and remedy for your health issues. So far, the evidence is pretty limited that any of these treatment methods work, but EMF sensitivity and recovery is super hard to measure. Trust your body's reactions. If you feel worse, keep searching for ways to feel better. If something makes you feel better, keep doing it!

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