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Eye pain / Eye strain


If you've got burning, itching, or an aching sensation in or around your eyes, you've got eye pain or strain. Before we go any further, first thing's first: if your eyes make you say ouch, the pain comes on suddenly, or your vision changes, don't mess around—see an eye specialist stat. If your eyes simply feel more strained than ever, it's definitely not your imagination. Eye strain has become more widespread due to our growing addiction to smartphones, tablets, and com-puters. The problem is so common, it even has its own name: digital eye strain. We get it: it’s really hard to step back from your devices, especially if you work long hours or in a fast-paced environment. Still, it’s important to be kind to your eyes. So take frequent breaks from your de-vices, turn down that screen brightness, avoid glare, and make sure you’re not too far from or close to your screen or tilting your head in an odd way. These things work because the problem turns out to be how we use our devices, not what’s coming out of our screens. A little extra self-care can also help. Put a cold, wet washcloth over your eyes while you rest, or rinse your eyes with a store-bought saline solution when they feel irritated. If your eyes are al-so sensitive to blue light—especially the kind generated by most energy-efficient lightbulbs these days—try rocking a pair of glasses that have blue-light-blocking lenses. While they're not a proven solution, many people say they really help. Curious? Give them a try and see if they work for you!

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