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Imbalance / Balance problems


Balance is definitely one of those things you can take for granted…until you feel off-balance and realize what that sensation is like. We never really think about all the parts of the body that are involved in balance, but it’s a pretty crazy assortment! Your muscles, joints, bones, eyes, heart, nervous system, and inner ear are all involved in keeping you upright. As many chronic and invisible illnesses affect one or more of these systems, it’s pretty common to experience loss of balance, lightheadedness and vertigo (the feeling that you or the world around you). If your version of imbalance makes you feel like you’re about to fall or that the floor is tilted, you’re likely experiencing disequilibrium. It’s typically associated with vestibular disorders, aka disorders of the inner ear. It can be really disorienting and freaky, but vestibular therapy can help reduce balance problems. You can also speak with your practitioner about acupuncture, positioning procedures (including the Epley maneuver), diet and lifestyle changes (like drinking more fluids and consuming less salt), and medications (such as Meclizine and Dramamine) especially if you have vertigo that just won’t quit. As you treat the underlying cause, you also treat this symptom. Meanwhile, it’s really okay to take it slow until you start to feel better.

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