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Forgetfulness / Memory loss


Forget remembering what you ate for breakfast—you can’t even remember what you were talking about five minutes ago! No shame—we’ve been there. Forgetfulness and memory loss are common, and can be caused by lack of sleep, depression, medications, aging, and even an underactive thyroid. Forgetfulness can also be a real part of chronic illness, especially if you have an autoimmune condition that affects the brain. “Lyme brain” is no joke. It’s definitely a humbling experience to get “lost” when you’re just going around the corner for milk…but we think that laughter is the best medicine in this case! That, and turning to herbs that might help boost your mental clarity and even kickstart your memory like bacopa, lion’s mane, and ginkgo. Don’t hesitate to mention this symptom to your practitioner, especially if you can’t really pinpoint a reason for it. If you have an underlying condition, treating the root cause can ease your forgetfulness and memory loss. If it’s linked to a medicine you’re taking, you may be able to find an alternative that works just as well, minus this side effect. In the meantime, laugh it up with your WanaFam about what your brain made you do today. (Or, cry it out and then laugh it up through the tears—we know not every day is easy, and that’s okay!)

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