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Mold sensitivities


Mold is a sneaky toxin that can grow in pretty much any moist environment—including your home, car, and office. A lot of people have no idea that they been exposed to mold, but they know they just don’t feel right. With mold, at first you can have mild cold or asthma symptoms that don't go away. Later comes brain fog, fatigue, muscle cramping, sinus problems, weight gain…the list goes on. These could all be symptoms of dampness and mold hypersensitivity syndrome (DMHS), which occurs in people who are particularly susceptible to mold. The tricky thing is that there's no definitive test for DMHS, so getting to a diagnosis can be challenging. If your practitioner doubts that mold sensitivities exist, find a new one who is experienced with it. There’s growing evidence that mold sensitivities are as real as they are challenging, but not all practitioners are on the same page yet, so you have to be proactive about finding someone who really gets you and your symptoms. What helps, treatment-wise? Well, for starters, you want to completely remove yourself from exposure to mold and damp conditions, although that doesn't always make your symptoms go away. (And we know, this can be really hard to do, especially if it’s your home or workplace that has mold.) You may also want to explore antioxidants and probiotics, far infrared sauna, exercise, ozone therapy, and glutathione (systemic, inhaled, or intranasal). You can also check out herbs that bind to and process toxins, like milk thistle, burdock root, and ground ivy. Make sure you also rely on your WanaFam if you’re dealing with mold sensitivities, because it’s definitely hard to have a condition that’s so often misunderstood. Rest assured, this community understands and they’ve got your back.

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