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Mood swings


You were fine a second ago—and now you feel anxious, on the verge of tears, or even depressed. So, what’s the deal? Living in today’s world is definitely stressful—we’d never argue with that! But if you’re experiencing regular mood swings, there may be something else at play. The condition most associated with mood swings is bipolar disorder, characterized by episodes of elation and high energy alternating with periods of deep depression. Hormones can also trigger mood swings in women, especially before your period, during and after pregnancy, and in menopause. Mood swings may also be triggered by inflammation caused by many conditions, independent of your true emotional state. No matter what the cause, it can be really frustrating to yo-yo back and forth from normal to inconsolable (like, you just re-watched The Notebook rain-kissing scene hysterical), but it's not your fault. It’s impossible to be all smiles and sunshine when your body is unwell, no matter how resilient you are. Plus, if inflammation is triggering your mood swings, then it can be really hard to get them under control. So, how can you feel better? Some people find relief using systematic desensitization (such as Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS), breathing exercises, or natural remedies such as ashwagandha tincture or tea, lemon verbena, or lemon balm. A knowledgeable herbalist may also recommend red raspberry leaf for its magnesium (a possible mood aid) or black cohosh to balance your hormones although scientific research hasn’t confirmed these herbs’ benefits. If you're up to it, exercise can also be an amazing mood booster. Finally, when you’re experiencing emotional whiplash, remember that no mood is permanent. Try to be as gentle with yourself as you would be with a child who suddenly has the blues. That can be hard to remember in the moment, so check in with your WanaFam if you need a dose of supportive vibes to lift your spirits. They’ve got you!

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