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Muscle aches


Your muscles feel like you’re hitting the gym hard… and yet, you feel too achy to even lace up your shoes. You're not alone; up to 85% of people get muscle aches and pain, specifically back aches, from time to time. Muscle aches, while definitely not comfortable, don’t usually make you double over in pain. If that’s happening, there might be something else going on. Instead, muscle aches have a generalized, cramping quality and are sometimes hard to pinpoint. You might have an ache somewhere beneath the skin, but you're not sure precisely where it's coming from. If you're living with a hard-to-treat chronic illness, like Lyme, fibromyalgia, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, or hypothyroidism (the list goes on), muscle aches and other flu-like symptoms are probably part of your normal life. Make sure you stay hydrated and incorporate lots of anti-inflammatory foods, spices, and herbs. That includes remedies like cherry juice, berries, broccoli, ginger, turmeric, chili pepper, and green tea. You can also try white willow bark, which is one of the oldest herbal remedies for pain and inflammation. It’s like aspirin, only with fewer side effects. Ask your practitioner about it since it’s not right for everyone (nothing is, of course!). Finally, while going for a massage or a relaxing infrared sauna session might seem like an indulgence to some, it’s a necessity for others—less of a “treat yourself” moment, and more a vital part of a treatment plan!

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