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Personality changes


It can be jarring when you don’t feel like yourself...or you act out of character...or you have a totally strange reaction to ordinary events. What’s up with that?! It’s life with mood swings and personality changes, that’s what. Conditions like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and schizophrenia are the usual suspects for personality changes. If you’re managing a mental health issue or personality disorder, you may be pretty familiar with mood changes. Chronic conditions, like Lyme, can also trigger personality changes. With tick-borne encephalopathy, for instance, bacteria called spirochetes migrate to your brain and can mess with your mental health. You might experience aggressive behavior, difficulty with memory and recall, sensory issues, sleep problems, and what’s commonly known as “brain fog.” Other conditions, like hypo- and hyperthyroidism and PMS, and life stages, like perimenopause and menopause, can also cause personality changes due in part to fluctuating hormones. If you’ve noticed personality changes in yourself, or if a friend or family member mentions something, don’t blow it off. Every person’s experience with shifting moods and emotions is unique. If yours are making it hard to complete simple tasks or maintain relationships, check with your practitioner to discuss your symptoms and figure out what’s going on. What you’re dealing with may be resolved by treating the underlying condition, whether it’s depression, hormonal upheavals, an invisible illness, or other factors. You also can try to help yourself feel more like yourself with a little self-care and pampering. Try stress-reduction methods like yoga, massage, and breathing exercises, or natural remedies such as ashwagandha tincture or tea, lemon verbena, or lemon balm. And get moving, if you can! Any kind of exercise—from a high-intensity sweat sesh to a walk around the parking lot during your lunch hour—can help clear your mind and reset your emotions. The resolution to personality changes may not be quick or straightforward, so it’s best to get started as soon as possible. We know that it can be anxiety-provoking to face this problem head on, but you should know that you’re definitely not alone. Even though you might not feel like you, you’re still the same great person—and you’re bigger than your symptoms. If you need someone to lean on, your WanaFam will be there for you every step of the way.

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