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Social anxiety


You just got to the party, but now, for some reason, you want to book it the heck out of there! Meeting new people? No, thanks. Eating in public? Forget it. Speaking in front of a group (even if it’s a group of three)? Not a chance. That’s social anxiety—and a lot of us suffer from it. It’s especially common among those of us with chronic biotoxin illnesses or any sort of cognitive disorder. We know that those pesky bacteria (like the kind that cause Lyme) and viruses can affect our brains, so it probably doesn’t surprise you to learn that social anxiety can be one of the manifestations. This symptom unites many of us—so you’re definitely not alone, even if you feel that way! If you find yourself totally avoiding or dreading social interactions, talk to your practitioner. Different types of therapy and mindfulness training can be helpful. Herbal and nutritional supplements, such as passionflower, kava, and lysine (L-lysine plus L-arginine) have also showed promise. Some adaptogens and remedies that offer adrenal support can help because they may regulate hormone levels and leave you feeling less stressed. Social support is key to healing, but first, you have to feel up for it!

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