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Strange behavior


Ever done something and thought, wow, that was really out of character? A lot of the time, strange behavior is written off as a byproduct of stress or anxiety, both of which are common with chronic illness. And sure, stress and anxiety can make you do some funny things, but they aren’t always to blame. In fact, impulsivity, irritability, and altered judgement can all be triggered by the neurological changes caused by infection. That means the behavior of people with Lyme, mold illness, and other chronic conditions may be a bit strange from time to time. (If you've ever heard someone blame an outburst or impulse buy on "Lyme brain," now you know why.) Sometimes, it’s hard to observe your own odd behavior, and a friend or family member might be the person who points it out. That can feel jarring, especially if they’re not seeing the link between the symptom and your illness, and you might even get defensive. We totally get that! Still, there’s a good chance the other person is saying it with the best of intentions. Plus, it might help you realize that you do feel off, and you don’t know why. That’s when you can turn to a practitioner who will take your concerns seriously and help you manage the underlying condition, and you can also lean on your WanaFam for support.

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