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Is there anything more annoying than a twitching muscle? Twitch-twitch-twitch, all day long. (If you’ve ever had an exhaustion-induced eye twitch, you know exactly what we mean!) Twitching muscles are really just mini-spasms, and eyelid twitches or tics are common and usually go away with some rest. Twitches may signal a neurological issue, and it’s possible to get twitches (often facial twitches) with Lyme. Muscle twitches can also be a sign of too much caffeine or a vitamin or mineral deficiency (such as magnesium), both of which can be easily addressed with a supplement. Twitches might even be a side effect of a medication (such as an amphetamine or antidepressant). Lifestyle changes might help—try to get enough exercise, cut down on the lattes, stay hydrated, and find ways to cope with stress (like meditation). If your twitches are so distracting that they’re interfering with your quality of life, talk to a practitioner about what you can do to get them under control. If they’re simply bothersome, but you’re bothered that you don’t know exactly why they’re happening, your practitioner can also help you there. Often, the knowledge about the why behind a symptom really does help!

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