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Weak feeling


You’re tired, weak, and maybe a little shaky. You know that you don’t feel right, but you can’t put your finger on it. Basically, everything feels like a struggle. While most people get this feeling on occasion, it's usually caused by something specific, like hunger (or hanger!), dehydration, lack of sleep, or jet lag. But if you have a chronic illness, it can be more of an everyday occurrence. It even has a name—asthenia —which is a sense of weariness or exhaustion in the absence of muscle weakness. You might not even remember what it was like to not feel this way. Even if this feeling has got you down as you try to manage your chronic illness, try to muster a little strength to fight back! Get your body and mind back into balance by adjusting daily habits that could be contributing to your fatigue, or try energy-balancing therapies, acupuncture, or a feel-good adaptogen like ashwagandha. To boost your immunity, try vitamin B-complex (especially B12 and B6) or vitamin E. Finally, make sure you get plenty of rest and say no to commitments that will sap your energy. That can be tough, but it’s super important to conserve the energy you do have for the things that really matter! At the same time, social support is helpful when you’re dealing with a chronic illness, so you don’t want to isolate yourself either. Your WanaFam is here anytime you need a pep talk or friendly face…without that whole leaving-the-house thing.

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